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“As a singer/songwriter for the band Sirenes, she's currently recording her second EP and she's passionate about both her own music and discovering the amazing talent in our own backyard instead of just relying on TV talent shows. Download this dulcet dame for free then 'like' the band's Facebook page to keep up to date on when to catch Sirenes live. "I really want to express that local bands need support. If you like a band, help them out. Share their music and go to a live show. People are sitting on their couches watching talent shows when, in reality, there is REAL talent in your own backyard! Unique, unmanufactured singers and songwriters, performing for free or next to nothing, just to share their art. Next time you go to a live show or buy a local bands’ music, thank yourself, because you are contributing to something much bigger than an industry executive’s pocket. You are helping that band survive, paying off debts and allowing them to invest in thier future."”

Rod Lewis - Department of the Premier and Cabinet - Pitch Perfect Penny-tration (Interview)

“The band, Sirenes, is a rock/pop group of original artists. “The band is looking forward to help support the State’s first country town outside of Adelaide (Gawler) celebrate its 175th birthday next year,” Hayden said. “On top of this it will be great to meet other musicians who are writing their own songs and music. It is always hard to find venues and locations that will support original music which makes this festival such an excellent opportunity. “This festival will see people get back to grass roots music which is seeing a break through in reshaping our industry,” Hayden concluded. The festival is part of a year-long celebration of Gawler’s 175th birthday and is planned for Sunday October 5 and Monday October 6, 2014. These dates coincide with the arrival of the first train to open the Adelaide to Gawler rail service – the first in the then Colony of South Australia.”

Festival Convenor Martin Johnson - CHANGE Original Music Festival