Scholar Of Babylon / Press

" The future being unwritten, i kinda wanna do the soundtrack"

S.O.B - Artist

“RAWWWWRRR!!!! GODDAG!! You may now start the pillaging of our VIKINGSPACE. Feel free to roam through our land and visit often. Have a good one ... or two.”

Viking Kru - Artists - Reverbnation

“ H0ly Cr@p!!! "Paying For Sax" had me groovin all over the house!!! SICK track!!! Keep it up!!! ”

Frank Travesty - Artist - Top Bloke - Reverbnation

“Coool new track brother.... Lament Robotica is very psychedelic... Simple and Perfect Peace...”

Celso - Artist - Reverbnation

“A true poet of the unwritten word, a journey.”

J.T. Verity - Poop Shoot

“Quote me then”

S.O.B - Scholar Of Babylon

"You are aware that its 3am?"

PC John Smith - West Midlands Police