Sapta / Press

"A Vibrating Electro-Rock Group"


“Good Melodies, Good Rythms With An Indian Fantasy”

Léo Schweitzer

“The Newer Stuff Sounds Like Big Beat... Slightly Nostalgic For The Abient Breaks of The Late 90s”

Barthol Lo Mejor

"A Vibrating Electro-Rock Group"

Le Parisien

“Your Songs All Have A Good Melody And Cool Sounds And They're Very Catchy”

Yoshanka Samarawira

“It's Original And Makes A Person Think About Their Relationships, And Lifestyle, Without The Conventional Pop Sound...”

John Simon

"A Vibrating Electro-Rock Group"

Yahoo France

“Its Contemporary Sound That Can Go Well In Clubs And In The Charts But Has Elements That Can Be Something Farout If You Will Go Farther With Them”

Liran Hutmacher

“The Creativity Flows Through My Veins When I Press Play!”

Adrian Izquieta


Clément Colaneri

"A Vibrating Electro-Rock Group"

La Poste

“A Valiant Effort With A Touch of Your Roots”

Nawaz Kazi

"A Vibrating Electro-Rock Group"


“Quiet & Relaxing”

Ghassane Ben

“Shit's Marti-Tastic”

Felix Piñeiro