"Heavy metal, hardcore, blues, hard rock, and swing. These are all the genres that come up when fans talk about Swingshot. These guys are as good as it gets when it comes to the metal scene. I was recently introduced to Swingshot not that long ago and I'm so pleased that I was shown this because this EP completely blew me away."

"I have listened to this EP about 20 times and I'm still having a hard time pointing out my favorite song because all 6 tracks are pure genius."

“They feature vocal stylings that cover the broadest range of any band I've ever worked with. Sometimes it's three-part harmony. Sometimes it's coarse gutterals or harsh yelling. Sometimes it's rap. Sometimes it's even James Brown. Swingshot are willing to try anything to make a niche and a name for who they are”

“This shit rawks. And tears you a second shit hole. What more could you possibly look for? ”

"The raw energy of Swingshot cannot be described in mere words. You have to listen to them, you have to see them live, to even begin to understand the pure and raw energy and sheer power that is Swingshot. Swingshot takes the old and perfectly blends it with the new. Swingshot’s sound should bring heavy metal rightfully up from the underground, and back right into society’s face. And in MY honest and humble opinion? Swingshot is a heavyweight in the metal world, waiting to happen…..

Trich, aka, OHRC - ROCK Somerset, LLC

"Swing Shot took the stage and basically punched us all in the mouth and left us craving more." "This group is talented in all facets of their lineup." "Swing Shot provided a highly entertaining set that included a melding of many influences, energy from start to finish, and so many changes in songs and structure that you are guaranteed to never have a dull moment. I don’t say this lightly, if they are in town and you like rock or metal music in any fashion, Go See This Band!"