SWAG-Static / Press

"It was very unexpecting, it was way better than I thought it would be. Joel, you will make it BIG in the real world. :D"

(Fan) - Deacon A Sears

"you really have some serious talent and i have a feeling that you could go big. yea man it's awesome."

(fan) - Ethan Eisenmann

"hey joel, i am really feeling this! your uniqueness is going to be legit - of course you will continue to get better and better the more projects you do. :-)"

Paul Willemstein - Staff at Victory's 24/7 Youth Ministries

"Holy cow thats a good Rhyme! I love it!"

Ashley Franco

"Joel, that was epic bro!" "...But i just wanted you to know that you are a huge encouragement to me! You are always encouraging people and building people up. I see Jesus all over you man and it is very refreshing! Keep up the great work, you are the kind of person everyone loves to see come into the room!" "A+ Bro! That was totally awesome! You rock!"

Chris Ulery - Clean Hands & Pure Hearts Ministries

"Listened to your song very encouraging. Keep shining bro. Blessings."

Maura Wangamati

"...and it was and is my Pleasure to connect with your vision. I look forward to seeing more of your creative, timely, and Un-Conventional methods of spreading Good News..."

LadyJan McCarty - Janet McCarty

"I Like Your Style BA, "man u get any better you gonna win a grammy"

Christian Cosper - A Fan