Tracy Underwood / Press

“Abuse survivor turns to arts”

“Press Release!!!!! "Super T depicts the reality of all aspects of abuse through Save Me and this music video will undoubtly have an impact on the world. The P.A.I.N.Foundation will definetly use this video as a tool to help break the cycle of abuse." Founder Patty McCall http://youtu.be/E0sLBwzcDUY”

“Super T's "Save Me" is an official selection for the 2013 Bare Bones International Film festival.”

" Super T is like the CYBIL of music....32 musical personalities...but the Biggest one is ROCK and the girl Rocks Hard!..If you get a chance to see this chic live, hang on and you will see what we mean!" Private Metal Review Syndicate 2012

“DC4's SHAWN DUNCAN "Will be heading out to Silvercloud Studios to lay down some drums with Joe Floyd and Tracy Underwood..they want a Bonzo/Roger Taylor/Cozy Powell Type od feel...Gonna be a BLAST! My brothers will be adding some heavy tonage to this song as well"! ”

Scott McCluer - Troutdale Rock Gazette

“Live interview with Tracy "Super T" Underwood on xRock 95.9 about the release of the new album Under the Covers of Chaos. Glen Anderson, Program Dir. asked the question, when is the album coming out? Super T stated that it would in fact be released Valentines day, 2012. However, several of the new tunes on the album are available for download now and in fact are being played on select stations including xRock 95.9. If other stations would like to start playing her songs, please contact her management listed on her website. Super T and the management team are now gearing up for the production for the Venus Video. Venus was released on air with xRock.”

““In the past 30 years of radio, I have seen many a record, CD or demo come across my desk from bands and artists. It is always refreshing to get one that truly stands out. To put it simply-this girl rocks, hard! Tracy could easily rely on her smoking hot looks to sell records, but there is simply no need. We will be hearing much more from Miss Underwood””

“New Album on the way. SUPER T, also known as Ms. Tracy Underwood, is now in Silver Cloud Studios with Joe Floyd of Warrior, along with other guest musicians such as Harry Bowens (Was Not, Was), Warrior's Dave DuCey and DC4's Shawn Duncan putting together a "Rock you to the bones" album that will be sure to attract attention elsewhere in the Rock world! Stay tuned for more news from Silver Cloud!”

“Blasts from the past and future write ups on the way!”