"Stacie Collins is a fiery honky-tonk heroine blessed with a powerful, gritty, and soulful voice."

“Guaranteed to get any party started... Imagine a late-night lock-in jam with Aerosmith, The Stones and ZZ Top, fronted by the equivalent of Ronnie Van Zant, or maybe even Shania Twain with balls.... It's sassy, sexy & rocks like a bitch.”

Classic Rock Magazine

“Top 10 intriguing tracks found during the week's listening including "I Won't Do Ya Like That" by Stacie Collins. ”

“Sometimes Ya Gotta… is that rarest of modern-day beasts: a joyous, vibrant, ass-kicking rock ‘n’ roll record, with the songs to match the attitude. Play it loud, and play it often. ”


“If you’re ready to rock, Stacie Collins is willing and able with her special honky-tonk recipe.”

Vintage Guitar Magazine * HIT LIST *

“Rip roaring rock and roll featuring the gripping vocals and raw harmonica blowin' of Stacie Collins. Cool stuff delivered with guts and style. You have to hear it to believe it. ”

Baby Sue

“Sassier and more energetic than Miranda Lambert at her angriest, Stacie is country and rock in rare form... ”

Relate Magazine

“An ass kicking roots rock record...There aren't nearly enough powerhouse Americana LPs like this in the world, let alone coming from Nashville. ”


“You don't come across too many female honky-tonk firebrands, let alone one who also blows a nasty harmonica. ”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Stacie plays an infectious brand of honky- tonk blues rock that should have the industry salivating... ”

The Daily News -Tune In (Pittsburgh)

“If you like your Country with a side order of Soulful Fire and Brimstone, this is the album for you. ”

Maverick Magazine - UK

“Sometimes Ya Gotta... Good-time honky tonk from Nashville chanteuse Stacie Collins ”

Uncut Magazine 4 out of 5 Stars

“Stacie Collins kicks Nashville's country ass. This is what country music oughta sound like. Raw, raucous and loud, Collins beats the shit out everybody else in the business, male or female. She makes Gretchen Wilson sound like a Sunday school teacher. Looking like a country-fried version of Joan Jett, Collins rides hard on some of the filthiest honky-tonk you've ever heard. It's jet-fueled Bakersfield infused with Collins' back alley Chicago blues harp. …Addictive hard-rockin,' hard-livin' honky-tonk you'll want to OD on. ”

Grant Britt - Creative Loafing

“No frills US roots rock done to a Southern T. Once in a while it's good to get back to the basics, a case in point being Nashville-based Stacie Collins. She's that rarity, a female harmonica player, and her third album is no-nonsense bar-room rock and occasional Stones-y swagger, just like the past 30-odd years never happened. With freshingly few pretensions to be anything else.. All 12 songs have hooks like claws, and the guitars do what they're supposed to do. Simple yet highly effective. ”

Q Magazine

“With one foot in the honky-tonk and the other in the blues club, Stacie Collin's music could fall between two (musical) barstools, but blues and country are the foundations of rock and roll, and this is a truly barnstorming rock and roll record! But despite these riches, two things set this CD apart from the competition; Ms Collins herself and a truck-load of really great songwriting. Her voice is equal parts Loretta Lynn and Janis Joplin and her musical harp playing is truly first class. Ultimately though, it's the songs that will keep you coming back to this CD. Great tunes, and genuinely interesting lyrics... ”

“I have often heard girl singers described as “a firecracker.” If that is the case, Stacie Collins is a stick of Dynamite. She has a voice as big as the outdoors, with the power of Niagara Falls and she plays harmonica like a freight train. Did I mention that she also has the energy of a freight train? I will say right now, if this girl is not picked up by a major, then they should all close down and seek jobs in other fields! ”


"I don’t know how to define the music of Stacie Collins other than say its very good. …similar to Pat Benatar or Joan Jett, she has an attitude & a confidence all her own, & it works & works well.

Chuck Dauphin - Nashville Music News Nashville

“Highly recommended for fans of Jason & the Scorchers and everyone else who likes their country with a healthy helping of rock, or vice versa. ”


“Sometimes Ya Gotta” produced by Dan Baird - 12 tracks of barnstorming rock and roll, with really good song-writing matched by great production and even better performances…Stacie’s best vocals on record yet, hooks to hang your hat on, the best-Stones-intro-the-Stones-never-played on “Don’t Doubt Me Now”..”

Pete Saxby - UK Music Critic/Fan