"​There's just something about a rock group that plays meaty power chords with no frills that transcends time-consider Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Stone Temple Pilots, Muse. They're all drinking from the same well but still sound completely distinctive. SPINFARM, in turn, is drinking from each of their wells, making their breed of rock difficult to pin down. They sound like an '80s rock band that flash-forwarded in time to hear grunge and subverted the genre a bit. Or maybe a '70s metal band that also listened to Pink Floyd and wasn't afraid to show it. SPINFARM like to say they are GMO free, which references their raw, organic sound, as well as their Monterey County roots.​"


“From Santa Cruz Goodtimes: Salinas rock trio Spinfarm is celebrating the release of its new album, 12:21:12, Produced by Charlie McGovern of Boronda Records, the new album is loaded with hard-hitting rock that lifts a giant middle finger to the man. On Dec. 21, 2012—the day the world was purported to end—Spinfarm decided to skip the bomb shelter and head to Star Studio in Salinas to record its next album instead. A gritty response to all the naysayers, 12:21:12 is a loud and rowdy anthem made for survivors”

Santa Cruz Goodtimes