Sinvinsible-The Bea$t-freestyle'n / Press

“ " "hard life - hard lyric$---" Critical are people in judgment of music so often that music takes on simailarities to religion .. with such ease the strong beliefs and personal preferences cloud are natural abilities as humans to objectively listen to and feel the real spiritual undertones in all music..music has strenghts i could compare to that of a higher power in the essence of guidance in any direction from something not mortal.If you can vibe out to a song of any genre and let it bring a peace,calm,clearity,or a buffer between yourself and whatever troubles you, you are truely getting what music is about and so naturally brings..so lets open our ears and minds to the true essence of music as an expression of our humanity and a representation of paths that have been travel-not allways by choice.. 2012 ---$invin$ible-The Bea$t-"”

J -bird the Excecutioner - Freestyle files Vol 1