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“Grammy Voting memeber.Slap Reviews The Seatbelts: 10.29.2016 Halloween in Detroit???? sound scary to you citizens out there???? Rest assured, Detroit is still producing the hard rock that made it the place to be in the 60's and 70's. The Seatbelts are a fine example of the evolution of garage rock (which I am very familiar with, LOL!!!) and the post punk continuum. Here is a group that took me through a JOYRIDE of original tunes and some nice covers at the Northern Lights Lounge, deep in the heart of the motor city. I brought my brother David Slap (former drummer with DB Night) along for the ride. We were impressed with Greg Upshur, he was an outstanding front man and vocalist for the group. Backed by the solid rhythm section of Tony Bojani on drums and Skid Marx on bass, the group blew through the set and laid the hammer down!!!! The tunes that stood out to me were "Girl off the Street", a catchy little rocker reminding me of early Stones and my work with the late John Angelos. Also b”

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“2015 Mustang rock song takes off!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTSbgIZNUQc”

“SiriusXM Radio Little Steve garage , Goldies garage to play Seatbelts "Girl Off The Street" starting January 2014”

“The Mustang Club of America wants to use the new Seatbelts' song "Little GT". They posted the video on the Mustang Club Facebook page. The response was so strong they asked for a copy of the song . Check it out …they just released this video 2 days ago!http://www.retrokimmer.com/2013/04/mustang-club-of-america-to-use.html”


“There is nothing like rocking across the desert in a Phantom II, she maybe a little long in the fangs but still has a deadly bite! Thanks Guys for a fantastic tribute,Phantoms Phorever!!!!!!!!”

“they've unleashed "Joy Ride" onto an unsuspecting public with rock and roll seemingly in its death throes. Maybe, just in the nick of time. This is a 13-song trip down Interstate 94 that ignores the pot holes. It's straight-up rock and roll with its roots in the '50s. Greg Upshur is a rock and roll singer in the truest sense of the term - vocally he's recalling Robert Gordon. Guitarists Rick Mills and Chris Flanagan favour clean tones without gloss or sheen. If the band wore collars they'd be blue - just as it tends to be with real rockers from the Motor City and environs. Those muscle car mentions in "Age Group Rocker" are entirely appropriate. With a name like The Seatbelts you'd expect driving songs and "Joy Ride" isn't a letdown. It also offers what passes for an anthem in "American Bandstand", the sort of aspirational, longing-for-the-West Coast/stardom rocker that bands used to produce for something called The Hit Parade. "Girl Off The Street" is another that proves these guys”

“Seatbelts’ Joy Ride (Super Torque) contains no surprises for anyone already familiar with the band or indeed anything that guitarist Rick Mills has put his name to in the past. Mills and fellow guitarist Chris Flanagan indulge in some frantic and frenetic, borderline obscene riffs that convey in vivid and lurid detail the very vibe one would wallow within if a joy ride were on the agenda. There are lyrics courtesy of smooth-as-jazz front man Greg Upshur, but the joy of the ride is in the surf rock cacophony. “Let’s go out to California,” Upshur sings on “American Bandstand”.”


“The Seatbelts played a great show of original music with a Detroit car town Rock and Roll sound.”