Robert Secrist / Press

"Although not yet 30, Secrist's list of accomplishments is very impressive and includes a couple of exclusive "only" credits." "Mannes College thought highly enough of Secrist to give him a position on its faculty immediately upon graduation." "When Secrist's first recording on the Musical Heritage label was issued, featuring music of Sor and Giuliani, the authoritative voice, Guitar and Lute Magazine, named it one of the best 12 records of 1981." "With all these credits in his dossier plus a number of film scores including an internationally broadcast documentary on Picasso, it is clear that Robert Secrist is on the rising curve of a truly distinguished career."

Herman Trotter - Guitarist Secrist Returns in Triumph

"The United States presents a new, world-class guitarist and a major interpreter." "Secrist is Bream's peer."

Guitar and Lute Magazine

"Secrist broader, more virtuosic approach; seems to make the music come more alive with effective phrasing, dynamics, technical wizardry and panache."

Stereo Review

"The introduction to Opus 7 shows how well Robert Secrist is able to represent the delicacy of Sor, with ritenutos and pauses of musical intention rather than expedient contrivance, and in due course the more obviously virtuosic passages afford him the opportunity of displaying his technical merits. These are again demonstrated in three studies- a poignant and expressive Opus no. 11 in E minor; the lively G major Opus 29 no. 3 which has, perhaps, caused many a guitarist to wish, temporarily at least, for a short-scale fingerboard." "With the Grande Ouverture the young American finally unveils what has been more than hinting at throughout-an excellent technique, well suited to this brilliant firecracker; the programme has been well structured in the fashion of a properly planned recital; the denouement arrived at, we are left clapping for more. "

Chris Kilvington - Classical Guitar Magazine

"His playing has a personal kind of buoyancy, a natural grace that never loses sight of a rhythmic base. The guitarist explored all its color with an introspection that drew the listener into the music." "Mr. Secrist's improvisational sounding performance was extraordinarily poetic."

Raymond Ericson - New York Times

"Mr. Secrist projected subtleties of interpretation and hints of sensitivity in regards to dynamics and coloration that set him apart from many performers of his age and experience. He gave promise of developing into a performer with something of special interest to communicate in his interpretations." "Mr. Secrist appeared to have the makings of something more than just another guitarist."

Allen Hughes - New York Times