theRockin45s / Press

"The group has a natural knack to perform material that spans the breadth of the musical lexicon. For example, the band can cover brand new tunes with a big guitar edge. And they do not choose the songs that vanish within a month, for they know a good song when they hear it. No, these songs have weight. These selections show the largeness of the guitar and the immortality of a great dance hook not created from a software program template. But they perform many classics as well, not to mention a whole slew of old school rock originals. The music floats quietly and then barrels through the audience, as they anticipate the grand scale that hook-based guitar rock is known for."

"What do you get when you mix the classic sounds of the Eagles with a dash of Kid Rock’s brazen lyrical prowess? Let us introduce you to the Rockin45s, a band that really needs no introduction at all unless of course you have been living on some isolated island in the middle of nowhere."