Richelle Elizabeth / Press

“I've been a Studio Guitarist / Record Producer in Nashville TN for 25 years. I've recorded thousands of singers from Taylor Swift to Justin Moore and many more from different genres. I rate Richelle right up there at the very top as a singer. She is the total package from stage presence to vocal quality. If anyone deserves a recording contract it's definitely Richelle.”

Curt Ryle - Big Matador Recording, Nashville, TN

“Love, love, love this song. This voice is the voice of a STAR! I would buy this song on iTunes tomorrow! The story is deep and could impact many young listeners. I can actually visualize the video on CMT. I hope that she is pursuing a career in Nashville.”

Anonymous - Crowd Review of When Will I Ever Learn

“Uh-mazing. Like it... a lot.. a lot. There is this attitude about this song that makes it very appealing. Love the way the vocals are bringing it to the listener. I could listen to her any day of the week. This is a hit song. Simple tempo and beat has all the focus on the vocals. Melody catchy as heck. Love the dynamic changes. Plenty of expression coming from the vocals and the accompaniment. Awesome tune.”

Anonymous - Crowd Review of Coming Down on Me

“This a romantic country dream. Her voice resonates strength and confidence. It is beautiful. This artist has star potential. This is a romantic song that will appeal to the younger as well as the older generation. It is timeless. It is in perfect harmony, vocally and musically. I can really see this artist going some where. Thank you for the experience.”

Anonymous - Crowd Review for Kiss Me in the Car