Rich James / Press

“I was perusing the PDX Bands artist directory when I stumbled on a rapper I’d never heard of. FaCx Murda aka Rich Jame$ is a Vancouver MC, and his Myspace profile, he’s “not your average DJ/Producer busy in beefs…”. Are there beefs to be had in Vancouver? Anyway, this track, “A True Hustler’s Ambition,” struck me as being a strong, complete-sounding effort. The track could use some mastering, to be sure, but the production here is as compelling as it is derivative. Murda growls and spins phrases on a dime, his melodic flow adding to the beat rather than distracting from it.”

“Rich Jame$ got heat!! Portland stand the F... Up!!!”

“I’ll have to keep an eye out for FaCx aka Rich, who claims to be releasing his sophomore album, iHustle (using imagery similar to Apple’s silouhuette ad campaign as cover art), in the near future...”

“You got that Heat!! Chea!!”