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Rhymageddon / Press

“DOPE!!!! That ole BOOM BAP....that shit we been missin'”

“You one of the best from NJ right now my bro! Peace”

“Funky fly raw flavorful butter hot biscuit dookie dope hypeness BOOM!”

“Rhymageddon's last banger "Industry Slaves" was a reality smacker for a lot of heads who need to be awakened with the truth. Rhymageddon returns with another single featuring @DrawzReality titled "Work" from the NGE All Stars Mixtape. Check out the double disc album featuring music from Lord Jamar & Sadat X of the Brand Nubian, Frukwan (GraveDiggaz), Cormega, Chief Kamachi and more.”

“Shout out to Rhymageddon for sending his new music and links to me! This was my first time really listening to his music and watching his video footage and I was highly impressed by his truths in his lyrics.”

“Oh mannnn I fux wit "Work" so hard!!!! @Rhymageddon and @DrawzReality I know what time it is.”

“Every now and then you just have to listen to what is being said in the music to get the proper understanding of why it needs to change. Rhymageddon provides that change while maintaining integrity.”

“Rhymageddon is calling out all sellouts and culture raping agents in his new no holds barred banger titled "Industry Slaves.”

“Man... I heard this song #RockAfterThem a while ago, but I forgot how dope it was until my girl Sheila showed me the video yesterday. All the break dancing, hard bars from Rhymageddon and Venomous2000, and dope art in the background make for an infectious, fun video. Dope, right? The production by Devi8tor Irs and cuts by Chopzilla Jo combine to form a perfect soundscape for these high velocity emcees to rock the party! Just what I needed to hear today, seen? Hope y'all enjoy it too!”

“Thought provoking wordplay and competitive approach. Both MCs are nice on the mic, the element that truly makes this track outstanding is how each visualizes what they feel Hip-Hop needs to become better.”

“Representing Newark, NJ Rhymageddon has recently made a great addition to the Lyrically Fit family. A seasoned vet, comin correct with an extensive music catalogue and wide array of skills and experience in the industry. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch his live performance at any one of the upcoming Lyrically Fit events hosted in the North East (and beyond!). We eagerly anticipate the release of “SuckAClip Season Continues” scheduled to drop in summer 2014.”

“This guy gets the certified Lyrically Fit approval. He was live and direct at an event our brother Judah Priest hosted a few weeks ago. Rhymageddon hit the stage that night w/ another one of my favorite artist, Hakim Green of Channel Live. I don’t know how else to put it but WOW!! Don’t sleep on Rhymageddon and stay tune to see more from this Lyrical monster. You can catch him live on Jan. 3rd 2014 at our Lyrically Fit Kickoff show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, Pa. This is a great way to kick off the new year!”

“@Jswagged2themax: @Rhymageddon Well do your thang, your flow is nice!”

“Happy bornday, king. Your flow and wordplay is incredible. Thanks for the good music... Thank u for caring about our artform, our culture. U are a born leader. I wish u many more celebrations. One. Be blessed.”

Just Putt - Facebook

“Dope big up to dirty jerz and the movement hot video”

“Loving Bad Seeds....Pure FIYAHHHHHHH!!!!!”

“One of Jersey's Greatest! Spit Sarg! #badseeds #crazy!”

“Luvin the vid big bro!!! #NJHipHop #Antiindustry”

“There comes a time where you have no choice but to feel thankful that somehow you helped someone in some way, it’s part of the reason why I continue this site and incredible proof in the push to fight the good fight. Fellow Giant and powerful Jersey emcee Rhymageddon sent over a track called ‘Respect 2 Tha Blogs’ where he took a few blog sites and included us in the track, wow that’s all I got to say… well I have more to say but you get the idea. A Giant thanks goes out the the brother and I wish nothing but the utmost elite achievements in this battle called life to the homie Rhymageddon. I’ve had a chance to sit and politic with the brother one on one on my front steps and on our way to shows, he’s yet another example of fantastic music talent in our own backyard. If you still dont know his music… well it’s about time you found out, listen to the track below and you’ll know what the deal is.”

“Rhymageddon has been putting on for a bit, and decided to show some love to the blogs who have supported. Some of my peers are in there, among many others. Shouts to the god. You can grab "Respect 2 Tha Blogs" via Reverbnation, and be on the lookout for a number of his other projects, including SuckAClip Season Continues (which is due out this summer), the forthcoming video for "Bad Seeds," and the It's Our Turn project from InfPower Music. For the time being, you can check out "Drink It Up."”

“Rhymageddon has been rocking the mic and destroying stages for years. A powerful and lyrical MC who hates wack rappers as much as us at the 7th Boro. He drops this new track as a “thank you” to us bloggers who been supporting him.”

“Your set was fire!!!!!! Peace from the bmore fam that came through .....Blessed”

“SUCKACLIP MOTHAAAFUGGAAAZZZ!!!! peace Geddon.. you fuggin murdered this!!!!!!!”

“go ask you b&(ch how my d@#k taste... oooooooo you came in like that? Tears to the Enemies right here.. all I can see is them brows growling on the mic.. you've done it again....”

“While Rhymageddon finishes up his SuckAClip Mixtape he let’s a loosie go for the fans.”

“@Rhymageddon An underappreciated commodity in the wasteland of today's so-called 'Hip Hop' Universe”

“soundcloud.com/rhymageddon/real-rap-remix-1 … U.N.I.T.Y thats what we need World Wide!! Real Rap!! CheCkitout!! dope one, @rhymageddon shud hit the waves”

“I digg the new single. U on that original genuine hiphop. I Respect ur hustle....this industry is going. Its dying n u r 1 of few MCs 2 keep it alive. Respects”

“Now, that's how you start a morning off! Jammin to knowledge with a dope beat!! I ❤ the song! Pure dopeness!”

“The homie @Rhymageddon as usual did his supreme being thing on that @BlackFlagShoppe performance.”

“Peace Rhyme...good seeing you today and rocking in front of Legends! #destroyedit Had Monch, Jean, and El smiling!”

“excellent job tonight sir. excellent.”

“New joint from Jersey’s own Rhymageddon. Check it out.”

“Support good music whenever possible. Good music like this. Enjoy..... Paz.”

““The Once Over” is a new track by the aggressively conscious MC Rhymageddon. This skillfully crafted tirade was produced by Kayo Black of Midnite Express Productions.”

“Ahead of the June 25th digital release of Rhymageddon's "The Once Over" on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., he has the unedited version up on Bandcamp for $1.This jawn is produced by Kayo Black and the Spit Sargeant wastes no time in evaluating things in life over this tough beat. Something for you grown men to relate and marinate to, trust. Grab it now so when your friend thinks they're the shit for copping it next week, you'll already know. #AntiIndustry”

“With hard hitting lyrics, strategically laced with valuable jewels, anyone within earshot would be blessed to walk away with just a fraction of a gem . Rhymaggeddon approaches his craft with true integrity which is rarely seen in today’s Hip-Hop”

“Amazing video bro. The entire concept is on point. Lyrics are A+ as usual my brother.”

“Smooth track, love the girls added in. You guys are great & That rapper chick got skills.”

"Feed my state food for thought, no fried baloney" - Niiiice!

“Stop complaining about what you hear on the radio and start listening to real hip hop. Start(ing) with this song...”

“The Artist Rhymageddon has taken his talents to show his appreciation to all of his friends by writing this snappy, head bobbing tune that will definitely stay in your head. If you are a native or resident of NJ particularly the Essex county area, you will find yourself smiling from familiarity at the people that he credits to helping him with his career. Even for a novice fan of rap, you will be able to appreciate the clarity and stylings of Rhymageddon as he spits so eloquently. All my Friends is definitely one for your iTunes list of songs to own. I would say purchase, purchase from this artist. His style is fresh, clear, funky and fun. I have also seen him perform live and his professional showmanship is bar none. Get it, Got it, Done. Let's Go Ya'll!!!!!”

“Rhymageddon Thx for coming out and blessing the event big homie u r definitely appreciated!!”

“@Rhymageddon on his Justice Cipher Born pic.twitter.com/QLismpxt”

“@Rhymageddon great performance last night #coolness”

“Real Hip Hip is still here!!! Thanx to the Sergant Of Spit.. For keeping it pure.. Peace Lord ”

“njhiphopizdamovement!! if u not about positive progressive movement....you can go #SuckAClip keep up the great work Rhym! ShiLythal 1 week ago”

“Doper than prince street projects at midnight!!!!!!..,,,, love the vibe..... Love the shout outs....keep that shit coming!!!! JERSEY STAND UP!!!!!! ”

“Great work Rhymageddon... Nice to see a video without the stereotypical ridiculousness. Looks like we want to come to party with yall! lol #Jersey all day! Much love, peace!”

“Loved it, Rhymageddon. I'm still singing the hook. CSL Video has a cool concept and was nicely shot. Great work! #JerZ”

“All My Friends gets alotta plays on 97.5FM”

“Whats good this is FarSite.Ent, just checking out whats going on over here. oh ya shorty got the chucky LOL !”

“Luv it......... Tight........The Cinematography, the concept, the grove, the flow......Excuse my French but dis SHIT IS HOTTTTT. big up Ryhmageddon and your entire team and the cameo shots of Sol & Amazing Grace and the memory of Big Snuff may his soul rest in peace and I know he would be very proud of the work that you and NoName Society is doing, keep it up. (The Movement Magazine approves this message)”

“Rhymageddon <----- is that dude”

“#Rhymageddon I am loving the new TGK drop! #thatisgoodo”

“Fiyah as usual!!!! Lame MC's will forever stay out of breath and time, trying to catch up with RHYMAGEDDON!!!j”

“This god is actually Resurrecting HIP HOP…..I love this joint… lyrical content, flow, and rhymes are melodically inclined to get more spins from me….Oh and he’s quite easy on the ey”

“Rhymageddon on Lyrics + MentPlus on Da Beat + Venomous on the Video = HOT SHIT!!!!!!....All Jersey All Day....NJHIPHOPIZDAMOVEMENT”

“I said it once and i'll say it again, The Spit Sergeant is THE MAYOR of NJHIPHOP!!! Only he could bring out ALL his friends!!! Much success to Rhym & V for the dope song and visuals!!”

“Good morning brother!!! I absolutely love "All My Friends" very dope.. #KeepPushing”

@NewarkPress - Twitter

“Your MASH album is literally a work of art brother, your range and growth is massive. This is def an "illmatic" type album bruh. It's the future and a classic at the same time! I should thank you for reppin Jerz. This may actually save hip-hop!!!!!!”

“Nice work!! Originality & strong delivery in all your bars & production is creative & on point as well. Blessings Fam!”

“Rhymageddon I swear when I hear your music I think the movie Brown Sugar is playing in the background”

“Get It In is HOT!!! Peace”

“DUDE. You sacrificed that Supa Star beat something INCREDIBLE. "spray rappers aerosol" whoo”

“Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting an ill emcee from Newark, NJ who goes by the name Rhymageddon. He describes himself as a “consciously aggressive lyricist” and I couldn’t agree with him more. Honestly, what’s better than an aggressive emcee who can actually provide us with some food for thought, right??? Exactly. After perusing through some of my 2010 video footage, I came across Rhymageddon’s performance of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Brooklyn Zoo,” which he rocked live at a dope Hip Hop Karaoke New Jersey show back in April. To say that Rhymageddon bodied the crowd during his performance, would be a blatant understatement. This dude had me punching tiny 100 pound bitches in the face while holding my camera!!! LMAO”

“Thank you! :) And I can't believe I waited this long to hear your music! Two thumbs up!”


“I am visitor # 7202 on your website. I am impressed and I slept on you. Excuse me.”

“god damn your ill... hope the fiegns aint find your new stash spot!!! hahaha.... slap em up with that tru shit Sarge!”

“Don't be afraid of change; accept it and make it work for you. #GreatDay”

“Yo! You killed it last night! Skys the limit!”

Paul Holman - Facebook.com

“makes even a lil white girl MOOOOOOVE!”

“Illest Bars is 5 star!!!!”

TheJakieLu - Twitter

“Conquering the airwaves for the sake of Real #HipHop is is commendable. Peace & Power to you! :)”

Luvalution - Twitter

“Rhymageddon is on a mission to “change hip hop for the better” and it is evident with “Intravenous (In Vain)”, an exclusive single from his debut EP entitled Horsepower Plus Handling*. This hard hitting yet thought provoking banger is an effortless example of true hip hop at its finest! Any true fan of hip hop can appreciate Rhymageddon’s restoration to the honor of the art! He lets you know loud and clear that he refuses to let anyone take hip hop’s name in vain! Put ya speakers on blast and listen to Rymageddon “rap circles round thug rappers polluting the culture”.”

“I am rollin WIT Rhymageddon! U rocked out @ the the locker room. Keep up the good work. ”

“This is true hip hop ”

“Lets Go Jersey!! ”

“i need a really tight tshirt...... sooner or later nevertheless it will be on my BODY”

Rudegal1969 - Twitter.com

"#NJHipHopIzDaMovement": I try to tell you guys that #NJHIPHOP is that truth - NJ niggas see it, but as it's always been, niggas sleep. Rhymageddon is another furious styler, and he dropped this anthem via his website earlier today. Raw raps, all you need really. 'Nuff said!

“The Intravenous video is EL Fuego!!”

“The first performance to really ignite the crowd in the Skybox Lounge was when Rhymageddon hit the stage to perform “Brooklyn Zoo” by the Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Peep my footage of this crazy performance below…”

“You're a very motivational dude. Keep doing your numbers and keep that Jersey hip-hop alive. Real talk nuttin but love over here homie.”


“Cop that Horsepower Plus Handling.”

“Da Bizness”

“Tired of weak rappers, get some HorsePower here”


“This is that end of days hard hitting wake up or perish type of ish. Spit Sergeant Rhymageddon (JERSEY!) brings the Rapture featuring 9 Continents and this track bangs for damn sure. The track is off his album Horsepower Plus Handling and it’s filled with that rawness missing from music these days. Be sure to DOWNLOAD the track below and check his album out which is on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.”

“Change is good, for hip hop Rhymageddon made change better!!!!!!!!! Hard beats, Hard Rhymes. Raw Hip Hop the way it should be done”

“Just as his name suggest, the god is ready for an all-out war against the savage, weak and evil-minded thinkers of rap. Some say change is good. For Hip Hop, because of the release of HOSREPOWER PLUS HANDLING, change is better.”

“DOPE HIP HOP FROM NJ Incredible!! Rhymageddon is one of the illest MC's in the East Coast Underground right now! PIck this up!”

“Ya'll need to get your paws on this right here. It's a nice MC over beats. Something this game is lackin!! don't listen to me, get it and you be the judge. Good Work SpitSergeant!!”

“going back to the rap is something you do hip hop is something you live days , I love the wordplay. the songs names tell u the cat has lyrics to rip someone. SCREAMIN MURDA is serious”

“This Album was a breath of fresh air. It was nice to hear some hip hop with Strong Lyrics. All of the songs were better than average and both HorsePower and Intravenous stood out”

“Under the hood of this joint right here resides a thrilling V8!!! With a redline of 8,400 rpm and a glorious wail at full throttle, this 400+ horsepower album is a rhythmical engineered masterpiece, boasting power, intelligence and an addictive flow. This is a myeliteradio certified joint!!!!!”