Reeform / Press

“Reeform is a San Diego Reggae/Rock band started in August 2011. Since their conception, Reeform has been working hard at gaining a following and writing a catalog of songs, and their determination definitely shows. These guys play an incredibly tight show with ease. All six members seem to have a great passion for reggae music and the carefree attitude that surrounds it effortlessly radiates from the stage when they break into song. Not surprisingly, their songs include subjects like love, sex, and of course weed…but it’s the delivery of the music that is most inspiring. The whole band is constantly smiling and having a visibly good time on stage that begs for the audience to join in on the fun. With that kind of energy, it’s no wonder why they packed the house full while playing as the opening act of the night, these guys have talent. Be sure to look out for Reeform playing a show near you, and check below for more info.”