RANDUM45 / Press

“definitely different than any rap I've heard but I can dig it. sounds a little Tech n9ne ish.”




“i feel like im watching an illuminati video haha! :D”


“BLOXzz, outer city pack here. Its still a certain "solar system", and 2morrow will seem as yesterday, yet...”


“Play it backwards. Sideway, and upzide down. You shall find 4 languages. Sideway(s) makes 5.”

Mark Medown

“Thank you, I appreciate you liking my style. That's hella dope coming from you. MCL,”


“i liked Ur song rebirth remix its dope u got Talent NINJA WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL4L FAM”

Nicholas Vance Craig

“nice tinez! we should collab”


“Much Respect from LDP”


“Juggalo grin..seriously..that track goes hard homie”

Big Thotic

“Hott TRAXX Welcome to my world..... Glad to be a part of yours”

Arcyn AL



“pretty impressed. keep up the good work”


“Appreciate & Showin Luv”

Unruly Records 614

“you make good music keep doin yo thang”

JGood From Da Hood (Unda Oath Records

“Your music is outstanding my friend, keep up the wonderful work !!!”

JD Greer

“(_̅_̅__̅_̅__̅_̅__̅_̅_ ̅_̅_̅_̅()~~~ I'll smoke a blunt to this homie!”


“Aye, I really haven't heard another underground Juggalo rapper that i'v really wanted to collab with recently until NOW! Your shits dope homie.”

Mr. Toxic

“Wow, this is amazing. Usually I skip all songs I don't know but for once I didn't and I am pleased I didn't skip. :)”


“Hey just wanted to let you know that your music is hot!!!!!”

David Obrentz

“Hi, I like your music and I think it's unique not like the other mainstream sh*t! wish you much success!”

Dennis Montero

“REZEN Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps. You definitely have a lot of talent.”

Mrs. Dudley

“Hey, your music is really good, i'm listening to a lot of genres as long as it's good, i wanna write a review for you and i will let u kno when it's done. keep doing ur thang! Erica”


“Rezen is Randum45 and Revo, a brother and sister music duo. Rezen originated in Melbourne, Florida in 2011. Randum45's talent and passion for rap as well as Revo's talent and passion for singing allowed them to create a unique and original mind-blowing group. Rezen's music is a combination of all genres but mostly HipHop. Rezen's music has a fresh, spiritual, fantasy twist to it. Most of the music is metaphorical and sometimes literal.”

REVOLUTION-www.musicxray.com - REVO-REZEN

“This is actually a friend of mine. I'm not too into the juggalo thing but I think that his music is definitely better than most unsigned rap out there.”

Bermuda_Jim - Bermuda_Jim

“I gave this a listen and I thought aspects of it were quite good. Both had good voices for singing/rapping respectively and the layering of her voice gave it depth. The particular part of the rap I liked was the line or two after 'Rezens all you got...' how it sped up and the lyrics flowed nicely.”

jamaicanbeercan - jamaicanbeercan -Trip Hip/Rap

“Sick. Sharing the fuck out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kevin Bermuda Jim O'Bedlam

“REZEN!!!!!! when i hear the music i see darkness fading into her singing in front of a black screen and fading back into you walking downa dark alley!!!!!!!!!”

FACEBOOK.INC - Brian Matthews

“A bro came by to say DAM I LOVE THA VIDEO an i was gonna say why dont you sigh a contract for tha big cheese”

Anthony A Beck - Anthony A Beck

“Killed that shit man. we needa do a tour together real shit!!!”

DAY DAY - Day Day