Reefa / Press

“I perked up every time Reefa went on, his rapport with the crowd was excellent. Something about the nonchalant yet so cool attitude he possessed that made him so appealing.”

“The Key Of R, is finally out - two years after signing up with Positive Tone, but its definitely worth the wait..”

“Jaclyn Victor at the Shout! Awards for a tribute performance for Michael Jackson. Musical arrangement by maestro Aubrey Suwito, a full vocal choir and guest rap artist Reefa..”

“He is one of the most popular rappers in the Malaysian hip-hop world.”

“Music critics and professionals consider Reefa as the best of the new crop of urban musicians..”

“Reefa ada banyak tattoo tapi tak tulis 'Allah', so Rais Yatim kata okey.”

“Reefa's music is smooth, rhythmic and fresh.”

“His stage performance has tagged this rapper to be one of the flawless ones”

"Liyana amat bersyukur dapat bekerjasama dengan Sasi the Don dan Reefa kerana mereka sangat bagus dalam kerjaya mereka"

“So High was a huge success. "The Key of R" nominated for the Best English Album at AIM '01”

“Reefa was discovered by Poetic Ammo after taking part in a rap competition in late 1997”

“It was no surprise that Reefa won the award for the “Most Performed English Song” in the 2002 MACP Awards and then again in 2004.”

“the first solo rapper from Malaysia had been offered a contract with the best indie label in the country.”

“Reefa has always shone as an artist. His rapping skills are refined and not to mention, very smooth.”

“Positive Tone jumped at the chance of signing him on board.”

“The Return of Reefa”

“Reefa, thats who!..”