"Full of energy and life Singer Zena Moses doesn't let life's problems slow her down."

“Audiences will be further transported to The Big Easy through the music of Rue Fiya. Composed of exceptional musicians, trombonist Jeremy "Mojo" Phipps, pianist Tom West and vocalist, Zena "Zfemi" Moses, Rue Fiya truly represents the essence of New Orleans' music...GUMBO! Fusing together almost every genre of sound, from Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hop even Reggae.”

"Interact's loose scenario glances at the story of how jazz rose up in the New Orleans steam 100 years ago. The upper crust fret over a new and raucous music that sets hips on swivels. The famed voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau (Zena Moses) drifts among the characters -- casting spells and setting the course for what would become America's most distinctively musical idiom.", "Driving the pulse is Rue Fiya, a New Orleans jazz group that has collaborated with Interact to produce the piece. Zena Moses, Jeremy Phipps, Thomas West and Dave Strong cut through the murky air with improvised licks that become part of the show, and simultaneously comment on the action. In the end, they take over in a party that spills into the audience."