Dauntless / Press

“I know I have influenced a lot of MC's, Whether they admit it or not. I can hear it in the words they use,and in the content of songs they making.Its natural though,I have been influenced by other artist myself. It makes me feel good to know,that even my haters wanna be like me.”

Rep Entertainment - "This Is Rep" Vol.1

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

Rev, - The Streetz

“Im a writer,and Freestyling is second nature to me... It amazes me at how some cats actually sit down and write this bullshyt? Im open to work with anybody,but if you out here trying to win an Oscar..Keep it moving!”

Rev - The Streetz

“Your Life is My Hobby..”

Rev - Rep Vol.2

"Aint No Future In Fronting"

anonymous - The Streets

“The Streets already gave me a title,and nobody can take it away!”

The Hood