RKVC / Press

"It’s amazing enough that from start to finish, they have a dynamic, well-rounded and highly entertaining show. It’s even more amazing that each song is polished, well written and stands just as strong (or stronger) than it did on the record. What is absolutely astonishing is the genuine interaction between these two friends. Between songs, they are funny and sincere, but never lose sight of the music." "Both on record and on stage, the duo that is “Rod Kim” is what makes pop music great. The songs catch you off guard, they stick in your head, they make you smile and they make you hit “repeat”. The live show is what it should be - a great experience. You’ll sing, you’ll dance, you’ll laugh and you’ll leave feeling good. The phrase “best friend” is thrown around a lot these days, but these guys aren’t just best friends, they’re the best kind of friends, and the rest of us are lucky they let us share in that."