“Formed from the brainchild of Dan Seitz who is based in Southern California and a multi-instrumentalist, writer and vocalist alongside Marie Burgess who took care of the art-work. There’s a real old-school Metal feel about this CD and not unlike artists like Black Sabbath – though the vocals are more baritone and bass than high-ended tenor with ‘Fetish’ being a good example. ‘Fire & Ice’ is a decent enough song as is the instrumental beauty that is ‘Missing You’. Now that’s an interesting take of Zager and Evan’s ‘In The Year 2525’ that I’ve never heard anyone attempt before.”

“Rock & Heavy Metal Duo from Moreno Valley, California now on their second album that is very early 80’s NWOBHM in style – proper old school with some 70’s proggish elements in too. It has a sinister, mysterious vibe running through the songs such the female fronted ‘Betrayal (Stream Of Conscious) or the p*ss*d off-ness of ‘Where Were They’; the kickin’ ‘Phantoms’ or the epic cover of ‘Rocket Ride’ by Kiss that always puts a smile on my face. Well worth checking out.”

“REVILUTION "Just The Tip" Review: This...cassette tape containing 5 excellent songs (is) well written, arranged, and performed. We love the powerful vocals and excellent guitar playing by Dan. He's one hell of a musician, and performs a killer guitar solo. Marie's backing vocals mix flawlessly. Bass fills are fantastic and the hard hitting drumming never lets up. A tight rhythm made it a pleasurable experience, (and) Dan and Marie's voices blend so well together. We really can't say enough about Dan's talent, as he plays such a vast array of instruments. With Marie providing pitch-perfect backing vocals, things meld well, creating a (tape) that gets better with every listen. We highly recommend this to all music fans, and you won't be disappointed! It's our pleasure to review an amazing collection of incredible music.”

“REVILUTION CD's available. Contact us at www.reverbnation.com/revilution www.revilution1.com Raw, mind-bending, old school rock sound & super cool album cover art for each song. Lyrics are in cluded. We wanna rock the world & we want you to join us!!! Also, check out our facebook page for daily updates (with quirky asides). We also like to include musical information that schools musicians & fans in a variety of interesting tidbits posted as an ongoing daily update. We tell how we published our CD & how we are enriching our music, publishing as well as evolving the band. Please come join us! We totally wanna get the whole planet involved in a fun, positive, partying frame of mind! Hell ya!!!”