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“It is often said, that "Good Things Happen To Good People". It is my personal belief that this old saying holds especially true for my good friends of "Preacher Stone"! They're not only an extraordinarily talented, intimidatingly good band with seriously wicked writing skills and absolutely killer songs, but they have a top notch, ferociously awesome traveling show. On a personal note as a friend, I consider myself mighty blessed to know them because as individuals they're some of the humblest, kindest, friendliest souls that you'd ever be blessed to know! One thing is definitely for certain... where-ever they are, really is... the "Place To Be"! I love their writing, love their sound, love this band all the way around! In my humble opinion, this hard working band is undeniably (and deserving so)... a cut above! I love Preacher Stone! ~ Eric Young of The Young Brothers”

"Preacher Stone has proven they will stand the test of time!" Doug Gray The Marshall Tucker Band

"I had the pleasure of catching Preacher Stone's performance in March 2015 at Daytona Bike Week. I have to say these guys are the real "Southern" deal. World Class show, I really dig the respect they show our Troops and Veterans and the audience loved them! Preacher Stone songs are great, performance is outstanding. My advise is go catch a show soon while you can still get up close.. " Tommy Curiale

"2015 is going to be the year Preacher Stone slides right in beside Zak Brown band and Blackberry Smoke to become the next generation of Southern Rock Royalty!"

“I’m happy to write that after listening to Preacher Stone’s new release, PayDirt, Southern Rock is still alive and kickin’! This third CD (previously released was their self-titled debut CD followed by Uncle Buck’s Vittles) shines musically, in the band members’ playing, in the singing, in the production mix and in the material. There’s no need for me to review every song, I liked them all. The CD is aptly titled “PayDirt” because they sure have!! I think they’ve hit a Pot of Gold.”

“If you like your Rock ‘n’ Roll down and dirty with a large slice of Bluegrass then Preacher Stone will be right up your dusty alley. Opener “Not Today” is raw sounding with slabs of guitar licks and a underlying bed of keys, which would not sound out of place on a Lynyrd Skynyrd album. Stand out tracks include the infectious “Livin’ Proof” with it’s Funk driven riff and powerful vocals, and the more gentle “Blood From a Stone” which has a Country feel to it, but still packing a punch. (W)hat is on offer here is a collection of fun, hard rocking anthems to dance around your hat to.”

“Whisper it, but Southern Rock is making a comeback. Preacher Stone are just such a band. Steeped in the spirit of traditional Southern Rock. These guys are so at ease with their down-home roots, they even named their album as a tribute to their personal favourite watering hole, Uncle Buck's All American Pub. 'Uncle Buck's Vittles' is a straight-up collection of Country-tinged Hard Rock in the same vein as Skynyrd or the more contemporary (and marketable) Black Stone Cherry. If they were any more authentic they'd be fried in a special coating.”

“With Preacher Stone and Uncle Buck's Vittles you have a solid representation of classic Southern Hard Rock without the pomp and hair spray of the current Nashville version. No, Uncle Buck's Vittles is gritty and gut level: suitable for a rowdy kegger on a Friday night or a back porch congregation around a bottle of Jack on Saturday afternoon.”

“Preacher Stone song played on FX Television Series - SONS OF ANARCHY. The popular FX Series with over 5 million weekly viewers, used Preacher Stone's song "Not Today" on Season Three, Episode Three - "Caregiver" with Stephen King. Check out the link included to view SoA's Episode Guide site to see music included on Season 3, Episode 3.”

“North Carolina is rolling out some of the finest Southern Rock bands in the country, and Preacher Stone is right up in the front contenders. This band rocks. Don’t believe me? Give a listen to “Tractor Pull.” My favorite track may very well be the smokin’ “Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin’ Sum Bitch.” Yeah, it don’t get much better than this one. Squalling Skynyrd meets Outlaws guitars, great vocals, and lyrics any good ol’ boy or girl can understand. It’s a top flight debut for sure. If you like Southern Rock and are lookin for a new band to get excited about, drop by and hear the message at Preacher Stone’s church. It may not get you into Heaven, but you will know you have heard a sermon for sure.”

“The name, the sound, the lyrics, the looks... Everything matches. And with "Old Fashioned Ass Whoopin' Sum Bitch" you nominate yourself in the category Song Title of the Year! The fans of the genre have a new name to look out for, now let's become a regular. I trust them to be.”

“The sound is a cool take on Southern U.S. Rock 'n' Roll with the usual slide guitar and harmonica. There's a brutal honesty to the words, and a real sense of campfire intrigue to the stories. It's the details that come from the man's mouth that carries this album along. Think along the lines of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company mixed more modern acts like Black Stone Cherry and Nickelback and you'll have the right idea. Although, as said, the lyrics are the big selling point of this album, there's no doubt these boys can play!”

“Preacher Stone has demonstrated how 21st Century Blues and Southern Rock should be crafted. Picking up a Preacher Stone CD is like opening a new can of Whoop Ass... Hell Yeah!"”

“Ordinarily as a Southern Rock band releasing a new album in the same year as Lynyrd Skynyrd, probably still the undisputed legends of the genre, would be ill-advised, but as good as God & Guns is, Preacher Stone is better, and easily the best Southern Rock record of 2009.”

“These boys from North Carolina have taken the roots of Southern Rock and brought (it) into the modern era to give us one powerhouse CD. Ronnie Riddle, lead vocalist and lyricist, has the unique ability to tell a story with a sense of authenticity and credibility. Southern justice, kickin' ass, and drinkin' whiskey is just a slice of what this band is all about.”