Panzie* / Press

“PANZIE, one of the most dangerous independent bands in the country, will be debuting their NEW vocalist Jasin Cadic (STAR KILLER) this Thursday, August 6th at Arlenes Grocery in the city that never ever stops rocking!”

“The fans responded to the show with ferocious headbanging and a mosh circle spontaneously growing in the middle of the dancefloor. Meatalheads, punkheads, and young women with model looks all followed each song like they themselves have written it. Self-described as “new age hard rock” Panzie know how to draw in an as wide an audience as possible.”

“New York City hard rockers Panzie* recently leaked a little teaser from their upcoming CD on their ReverbNation page, reverbnation.com/panzie. The name of the song is �Angryman,� and even though I only heard a clip, I can tell you that the song is badass”

“\m/ Panzie: A band with a lot of power, attitude and good music. During the last year they have been working very hard on their next chapter. Make sure that if you open the Panzie book that you buckle up! Their badass Hard Rock grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go. ”

“Panzie* is a sleek, heavy rock band that burst out of the gutters on NYC in the fall of 2009. Panzie* does not sound like anyone else on the scene right now. They have made quite an impression with their onstage performances too. If you want to hear what I’m talking about, or want to see Panzie* live, log onto myspace.com/panzierocknroll. Trust me, this rock is not for pussies!”

“It's anyone's Guess why this band would dare to call themselves "Panzie", when they seem more like a band of street thugs ready to kick some ass..”

“One of the Hottest bands in the LOWER EAST SIDE Music SCENE TODAY!”