Prince JA'MIR / Press

“Jamir is an R&B star in the making”

“Check Out Prince JAMIR In Love Jaded's New Music Spotlight”

“Songwriter, fashion connoisseur, and record label owner Prince Jamir is lapping up the Brooklyn hip hop scene with storytelling and personal style. His CD release party is sure to be a who's who in the local celebrity arena so be sure to rock your own flavor and a fresh pair of kicks wouldn't hurt”

“@AKOOCLOTHING,show love to @PrinceJAMIR....he def is a true rare talent and A King Of Oneself!”

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“Fashion also plays a role into this young mans state of mind and self-expression. This is reflected in his “Brooklyn swag” that resonates in his live performances”

“AKOO Clothing would like to show recognition to a new artist who goes by the name Prince Jamir. This very talented new artist has just released his debut album, My Offering, on Celestial Art Music Label”