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“Lil’ Poopy, 12, Brockton, MA The youngest in the group, Lil’ Poopy has made more than 200 videos, writes his own songs and has performed with Puff Daddy, Rick Ross and French Montana. His father and mentor, Luis Rivera Sr. will do anything to see his son rise to the top — including hiring the hottest models and renting out Ferraris for his son’s music videos.”

"10 Reasons Why Lil Poopy is the Youngest Don" Meet Lil Poopy, the Youngest Don. If you’re unaware, French Montana signed this young phenom, and his Coke Ain’t A Bad Word dropped last week. Seriously, this exists. Oddly enough, there aren’t a lot of you out there talking about the Youngest Don, and if you’re to be ruled over by this upstart, you should know a little about why he is in such a power position, right? We’ve put Coke Ain’t A Bad Word under the scope and pulled out some lines that best explain how Poopy attained such a power position before he even turns 10. Read more: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2012/10/10-reasons-why-lil-poopy-is-the-youngest-don/