Koo-Laid ™ / Press

"FUCC WIT IT OR REGRET U DIDNT .... #KOOLAID #BIGSAM #E3 #BABYEAZYE" ~ New Koo-Laid Project #Easter 2014 -

"Far as str8 spitting u are the best in the city fam - "Wichita,KS"

“Atlanta Based Hip Hop "Trap Music" Group D4L " Down For Life " Reached #1 On the U.S. Hot Billboard 100 in January 2006. Celebrating Their Immediate Success- The Group Went On Tour. While being promoted through Outreach Entertainment, They performed Alongside Several of The Midwest's Elite & Up-and-Coming Artists ' Most Notably The Joplin, MO Based Hip Hop Duo "Midwest Connect" Featuring Artist Koo-Laid & his Partner Neno Blakc/ Koo-Laid & His Group "Midwest Connect" were @ this time Recognized as A National Act.”

“I Really Care About the dude." He has Always been Very Distinct in his Work & He Stands Out from Other Artists. I am in it to help further him along in any way I can. He inspires me & makes it Easy to Produce Something Great. He Gives Me that Extra Energy.”

“I have never pushed myself for the $ or the fame, I just enjoy making music & appreciate every single fan that I have. ~ As with any artist, I'm still a work in progress & will continue to try & make my music better with every song that I write & work to stand out from other artists.”