Dying Fetus / Press

“The drumming of Trey Williams on his first Dying Fetus effort is both creative and fitting... Blistering speed, tasty chops and a seemingly effortless fit to the DF sound”

Sick Drummer Magazine

“reliable, face-breaking, war-making death metal like this is difficult to deny. Worth your ducats.”


“Dying Fetus [have] always delivered the goods and Descend Into Depravity is no exception.”


“Descend Into Depravity” will firmly re-establish the band and its leader John Gallagher as not only built to last, but to destroy all opposition for once and for all.”


“John Gallagher is a beast of monstrous skill and power…Few bands of this vintage are still delivering the goods with as much intensity.”

Metal Hammer

“War of Attrition is…a strong, intense, unflinching and unreservedly brutal statement of intent and purpose.”


“War of Attrition delivers with the same hardened intensity and punctuated fury that has marked Dying Fetus’ career.”


“Dying Fetus has put together a disc of roots oriented death metal that embodies what they have represented for the last decade.”


“War of Attrition is a relentlessly savage concoction, fueled by a barrage of blastbeats and augmented by blitzkrieg guitar solos.”