The One Man Electrical Band / Press

“OMEB ties for best solo act OMEB (One Man Electrical Band) is an anomaly in the local industry. This guy plays solo with backing tracks of the drums, bass and vocals. Thing is, he recorded the backing tracks, playing every instrument to every song and mixed as well. Madness. He has had much success with his School of Rock teaching kids to tear up the rock band instrument of their choice. He holds an annual recital that any music fan should attend. It’s amazing, these kids play better than many local band musicians. OMEB should be proud. ”

“Wake the Dead 2 @ Bobby Mackey's”

“6 Years of OMEB!”

“OMEB Wakes the Dead @ Bobby Mackeys”

“The Serpentine Wall Stage has traditionally been one of the highpoints of music for pre-fireworks celebrations and this year it will feature One Man Electrical Band”

“OMEB ROCKS Bengals Nation with Marvin Lewis”

“OMEB takes his friend Pat to meet the Mayor of Wilder after a couple negative comments about the city.”

“OMEB write in East Side Vibe”

“Publication in East Side Vibe about the OMEB School of Rock”