No Island / Press

“With a distinct rock and roll vibe, an indie undercurrent, and a fresh boost of saxophone, it seems they’ve created something entirely new on the Canadian music scene.”

“Bursting with energy and good vibrations... the group flexes their musical muscle to create a well-defined sound that stretches across generational boundaries.”

Steve Jessel - Invermere Valley Echo

“One of the most promising new groups to come along in just about forever... their songs are superbly crafted, their sound like no other.”

"Where [other bands] sound like they did in fact travel from a time machine from the ’70s... No Island possess more of a ’00s sound (or is it now the ’10s?), all the while paying homage to the past."

"The quintet doesn’t sound like anybody else"

"This could prove to be a break out band in Canada."