Nav-Vii / Press

“Damn nice sounds...rather hybrid..not sure what i was expecting...yessir i like what you do!.cheers from limerick...'sui generis'..dig it! ...very nice atmospheres..lovely vibe throughout.a pleasure to recommend you...cheers!. ”

Beatmistresscait - Electronica Artist

“Nice twist on electronic / hip hop music..very textural. Original is always good! ”

Electrosonix - Electronica Musician

“Planet NV sounds great, good raps, good production, keep killin it!”

Robot Smack - Electronica Artist

“Not normally a fan of hip hop but I like what you've done, bit different from the norm and all the better for it :) ”

K-Toh - Electronica Artist

“Nav-Vii...ur ""Illusions" is one of the best trackx i´ve listen to ... absolut awesome tune! ”

DJ Space Ace - DJ

“Impressive and electron-unique tracks,great sound that stirs the mind!”

Johnny - Fan

“wow... ur "Illusions" is really a wonderful tune .. well done ... keep rocking ... love from germany ... ”

Musician - DJ Space Ace

“Nav-Vii. I've never heard hip hop mixed with ambient electronica. very cool.”

Artist - Cancer Killing Gemini

“I like your fusion of electronica and hip hop. Sui generis and Planet NV are good stuff. Planet NV is hypnotic. Keep it up. ”

TrajDali - Artist

“Your music is awesome, i have just been listening to it this morning and i am in awe! thanks for sharing :)”

Conan - Music Artist

“Hi! Really great sound and tunes of yours! A pleasure listening! :)”

Together Alone - Music Artist

“Love the Originality, On Point Nice Work..Stay Blessed! Best Regards!”

Sean - Music artist, Lord of Spirits

“Good Traxxx here. Nice Electronica sounds and Beats going on. I just pushed Play All today and enjoyed. My picks: Planet NV, Illusionand Sui Generis. Good Vocals, Male and Female.”

Tony - Music Producer, Artist Extreme Dream

“Hey Nav-Vii, this some dope stuff, I like your style!”

Luni - Music artist

“Love this sort of spooky, rich electronica. :))))) ”

Nicole - Musician

“Like a great ambient, hypnotic electronica musical painting! ”

Caroline Ty - Music artist

“More than excellent, fantastic music.. With my respect turn up the music !!!! from DJ ANTONIO, Valencia, Spain...”

DJ Antonio - Music Artist

“Beautiful music..."ILLUSIONS"..you have a fantastic style..very passionate about what you sing about & like your vocals...Good luck on your musicial journey..Very cool”

Ymdemulder - Fan

"It's Goin' Down is a f*ckin' dope ass song! Much love from Colorado homie! Keep it up!"

Infamous, Street Flo Records - Hip-Hop artist

"Spectacular, Dynamic and clearly talented, I really like your sound and look forward to your future work!"

Heltro - Musician

“When I first heard of Nav-Vii it was through a friend who is way too critical of musicians. He kept persisting that I check out Nav-Vii's music, so I did. To my surprise, I was shocked at how unique and great his music is! I have never heard synthesizer cords so smooth, multiple flawlessly balanced drum patterns or vocals so perfect for the style. All I can say is Nav-Vii will influence a new change in Ambient Electronica music. ”

Denson Filez Music Group - Label manager, music producer

“Nav-Vii is bridging the gap between traditional Ambient Electronica and a style that draws a more urban following through rhythmic lyrics. Nav-Vii is a versatile musician and is changing the musical landscape into a new style of his own. Nav-Vii is the spark that Ambient Electronica needed!”

Shianne Poplar - Singer, songwriter

“As a music engineer and producer I come across many talented musicians from different genres. Nav-Vii is by far one of the best producer/artists I have ever worked with. His music sets a new standard in Hip-Hop Electronica music. ”

Soul Taker Music - Music engineer and producer