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“Nathan Storey is a man in a way that most men aren’t. To meet him, you would immediately be drawn to his innocent, youthful nature, but the undercurrent of that is a man secure in who he is, and self-aware enough to know that you never really stop growing into the person you are becoming. Storey weaves intimate tunes, filled with emotion and powerful metaphor. His barebones approach to performing thrives on his ability to connect with the spirit of his music, and with the audiences who come to see him.”

“I have the pleasure of knowing Nathan personally, and I have to say that his music is a product of his personality and genuinely good heart. He puts a lot of himself into his songs and it shows. After listening to this album you learn something about him, but also something about yourself.”

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“Opened the night for this gentleman’s CD Release. He writes brutal, elegant songs which can not be mimicked. Pick up his record.”

“certainly uplifting and strong message of encouragement...”

“What really makes all of these songs tick is Storey’s voice. He could be singing death metal and make it sound pretty…””

“Storey’s lead vocals really weight and cement the album’s tone. They are warm and charismatic, and he never asserts himself too much in an attempt to win the listener over. He doesn’t have to…”

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“he puts lush emotion and sincerity into each note making any listener sit up and take notice…his melodies and chord changes become hook laden delights”

“Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Absolutely love this music! The Fear and Shut Up in My Bones are my favorites, I jog to them all the time. Beautiful voice.”

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“Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Beautiful vocals and arrangements”

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“Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Storey's folkstyle provokes the listener to a nostalgic mindset. The dynamics of his vocal strides and musical consistency are clear in this album. Great songs. Amazing Album.”

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“Re: The Falcon and the Fox: Storey's efforts in this album are outstanding. From musical arrangement to vocal control, Nathan has superb technique. Awesome songs. Awesome album”

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