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Peace In Youtubers
John and Yoko were a Motel in Monteral Give Peace a Chance
They did sequel Band Aid
rat bastards

Motel Row Austin
this has got to be done

name calling christmas carol called me a name mary merry christmas EVE mary merry christmas,,,
Home sweet home less is more homeless children we belong strong for our soundtrack score we belong we belong we belong,,,
santa present fe santa present monica santa present barbara mother helen of troi our father's toy horses stain jacob marley's chain
christmas carol called me a name
merry mary chirstmas eve mary merry christmas,,,

so for this basic track an upload of say the homeless kid on the street playing just the basic guitar track
aka guitar god,,,
soundescape soundscape trappings like the fixings on the table
Big Pop Vocals for all our favorite stars,,,

load the free mp3players with personal messages,,,
load up on FREE ROOMS starting once a year for minors and elderly homeless
then as the process centers and certain hotels and motels are pinned on the street try sunday blush,,,

premise ends homelessness in our lifetime like polio,,,

the supervising committees exsist the people and committtment exist,,,
for now my ibasic track, say for the homeless to play guitar god on the block,,,,

beatles or stones the rest of the vocals,,,

we could prove never talk to strangers 90% of the problem here,,,get to no them then sing!!

ANY BODY,,,,a desperate profile, i'm tired, near the street until...

WOW my first draft 1 take stream of consciousness form from a homeless winter in Boulder, Colorado. Lean years making this classic. Sleepless, hungry, cold.
#TheSolution you have to be 18 years old or have a guardian to stay at dive motels. Search Party Homework. Google Bing Search Team

Let's turn game night into Search Party night.

Homelessness in minors and the elderly can be eliminated in our lifetime like polio.
For instance Los Angeles is more homeless than any 5 other cities combined.

Damn how about a drum circle jam song. Sorry I need help with this vision. Holiday scream along and,,,this will probably take care of itself

Name Calling 3 happened just outside,,, hah hah just outside Austin Texas. It is the last video here inside the playlist

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subscriptiondoor - Guitar
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Name Calling 3
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Holiday / Benefit Reunion / Herb is Bill Available 2020

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Trenton, NJ

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