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“GarageBand Awards! Track of the Day on 25Feb2010 in Blues Rock Track Of The Week on 7Jun2010 in Blues Rock Best Female Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 31May2010 Best Guitars overall, week of 1Mar2010 Best Guitars in Blues Rock, week of 1Mar2010 Best Drums in Blues Rock, week of 31May2010 Best Bass in Blues Rock, week of 31May2010 Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 1Mar2010 Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 24May2010 Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 31May2010 Most Original in Blues Rock, week of 8Mar2010”


“Reminds me of Rough Trade a bit on the vocals. The lazy rough feel is perfect for this genre. Great dynamics make this song stand out for me. Love the solo. Almost a Floyd feel. Good Job!”

Steve Fryer from Canada - Garageband

“This has the feel of a Trower piece---guitar is interesting---very emotional solo.....my kind of guitar playing......well done”

Wild Blue Band from The Deep South, In The Pines - Garageband

“The female lead literly drips blues.”

firhollow from Sonora, California - Garageband

“That lead guitar is just perfect - that bluesy drive is perfect, as is the reverb, performance, and otherwise overall mix, writing, etc.”

SHIFT12 from Daphne, Alabama - Garageband

“Good Solid Blues Track ,The singer brings An 80`s Rock edge Vocal to her Blues -Its great and Very Original sounding. The Guitarist like Captures that in the solo with his Vibrato Scream at the Beginning -Great Job! Great Drumming -Nice Solid and to the Point.”

Rick Stavely from Prince George, British Columbia - Garageband

“This is pure blues!!! The vocals have a pure sensuality and passion in them. The band as a whole have this nice early Led Zep influence going for them resulting in a sensual and intimate listening experience.”

mdubyckyj from Westland, Michigan - Garageband

“Good god... 'Very Scatched' is one serious bit of music! ”

Mad Soundman - AMS Systems

“Wicked tracks! Keep the music going strong. ”

Don Coleman

“completely dig it... the virtuosity is absolutely spectacular”

Trip Nixon

“Love the music, love the philosophy behind it”

What Acid Does

“Wow, Awesome music folks. Lost my mind on "Very Scratched"! Great tune. Thanks for sharing!”

Bad Man In The Basement

“You guys are rockin the Great White North....Sounds Great!!!”

The Southgate Boys

“LOve "Little Diamond". Great dynamics. Kinda Linda Perry meets Pink Floyd....a good combination.”

Bob Findlay

“Little Diamond is cool! It was time NTNA uploaded a new song! I was anxious to hear more from you, and folks, you don't disappoint your fans!”


“You guys are awesome! That guitar solo on Little Diamond rocks! Thanks for recording great music.”

Christina Sichta

“Hi some very inventive stuff here good guitar licks some great vocals too they sound great together”

lee" Van" Hallam

“Brilliant jamming! wonderfull improvisation, an example to us all. Alan”

Alan Redmond

“Great bluesy music.... Hear you on GB and thought I'd look you up here”


“Decent folks Don't Do That”

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