Anonymus / Press

“Dawg I see your maturation! Im so proud of you boy. I watched you from the jump and knew you would make it somewhere. The skill is undeniable. Mixtape is bananas! Young Kingz Baby!”

Lloyd Jones-Denver, CO

“DnF!!! Yaasssss! Im going to download this immediately!”

LaTasha Shaw-Colorado Springs, CO

“Hold it down for the Midwest! I see you man. Stay the course, your time is coming. Your mixtape is FIRE my dude!”

Adrian Miller-Milwaukee, WI

“This is music! My boys been asking me to burn em a copy bro..I been telling them n*ggas to go to Datpiff and download that sh*t yo! You deserve to be heard! Young, Made, From Red City is the sh*t!”

Shaun Young-Cleveland, OH

“Drunk and F@ck, Drunk and F@ck! Boy you doing it over here! Ive had this song on repeat since I heard it. You are very talented!”

Alicia Chambers-Paducah, KY

“We used to do music together. One of the rawest talents I've seen! He has that old/new school blend, with various styles and alot of different subject matter!”

Jaize Van Crump-Greeley, CO

“This guy has awesome energy and is willing to put in the work and stays focused. He is very talented and has a unique sound! His lyrics define him and so many others in today's culture!”

Clevetta Bowman-Ft Worth, TX

“Love this dude's sh*t man! Period.....”

Dominique Wright-Kansas City, MO

“I been rockin with Anonymus since Highly Criticized 1! If you just learning about him then you are really sleepin on pure, raw talent!”

Tre Jones-Cleveland, OH

“Great music over this way! Omaha, Nebraska mane, I would have never guessed! I need mixtapes man!”

Mookie Grimes-Miami, FL

“You can tell that he puts his heart into everything that he does! Why is this dude not on the radio! You have a new fan man, keep pushing forward!”

James Johnson-Los Angeles, CA

“Anonymus music is dope! So urban and he is very nice lyrically!”

Kafiah Winston-Phoenix, AZ

“Very good artist! Nice lyrics, and his music flows very well!”

Erika Black-Nashville, TN

“Its so real, one of a kind, very catchy! It's flawless, I love Anom's music!”

Heather Colon-Omaha, NE

“There is really nothing like this that I've heard before. It's real music, not any of this trash on the radio now!”

Erika Yanes-Lubbock, TX

“He is very talented. Very dedicated to music and on point with his lyrics. He's my new favorite rapper! His voice is motivating, overall he is sh*t! I would buy all of his albums!”

Mary Morris-Omaha, NE

“Genius lyrics! He got the flow, the swag, and a voice you wanna listen to! All around some of the best music I have heard EVER!”

Shane Anderson-St. George, UT

“You can tell he is in love with music. It turns him on to be in front of the mic. He has pure talent and every song is on point!”

Dawn Jones-Tampa, FL

“Music runs thru his veins. He is lyrically talented, with great energy to show how music impacted his life and what he has been thru. It's a major factor, he is the total package!”

Tiphanie Pettigrew-Nashville, TN

“I really like his flow alot. And all of his beats are hot! Great artist right here for sure.”

Dejamei Williams-St. George, UT

“He is so AWESOME!!!! I Love his lyrics. There deep and you can tell he is in tune with his craft!”

Monica Hyde-Nashville, TN

“Anom is very serious about his craft. I really like his music! Its not a game for this man!”

Keisha Mayo-Omaha, NE

“You can hear the passion in his words. That tells you that this is not a game for him. I hope to see you on 106 & Park debuting something really soon! Music needs somebody like this man in it! For us that think of music as more than a "Chorus & Hook".”

Paul Bowden-Dallas, TX

“There are alot of people that say there music is "hip hop", and it is nowhere near it. Anonymus brings that to you and some. All his material is something that I can relate to in some kind of way. And the crazy part, he is from NEBRASKA! I didnt think black people lived in Nebraska. Stay on your job son, it's all gonna work out for you!”

Damien Smith-Indianapolis, IN

“Pure talent, I honestly have never heard anything like this. He always says "he has something for everybody", and he is not lying! I'm a true fan of his music. I hope you get the recognition you deserve Anonymus. Cause the music industry is missing out on something very special here!”

Jarod Lowry-New Orleans, LA

“There are alot of people that rap, and Anonymus is a rare breed for sure! His passion for his craft is like no other. Im very impressed with his work ethic and drive to be successful! Stay goin hard man!”

Gavin Anderson-Providence, RI

“This man right here is goin in! Im glad that I came and checked it out! Keep this up, and your going BIG places! You should be signed!”

Derek Watson-St. Louis, MO

“His passion is deep for his music. I love that he stays away from all the "dope boy", crack selling lyrics! Too much of that nowadays in music! And it's wack! Where Da Party At is my sh*t! I LOVE that song! Listen to it once a day at least!”

Erin Davis-New York, NY

“This cat is a true diamond in the ruff! This is some of the best underground music I have heard in a minute! Whatever label gets this guy, other up and coming artist better watch out!”

Kenneth Lawson-Las Vegas, NV

“He the heart of the independent Nashville scene!”

Curtis Matthews-Omaha, NE

“His music is the ish! #handsdown#”

Amy Winsett-Nashville, TN

“Sign this MF because the game needs life! F*ck a one hit wonder, this boy is the truth!”

DeShawn Matthews-Hermitage, TN

“This mayne right here is the truth!”

Nio-Detroit, MI

“He a BEAST! Almost as good as me, LOL!”

Jevon Ransom-Antioch, TN

“It branches out to all genres! He has music that will touch all generations to come!”

Yassira Guererro-Aurora, CO


Dale Demont-Omaha, NE

“I think he is good for the music business! He can make to the top cause he really good. The best if you ask me!”

Shantae Thomas-Nashville, TN

“His music is hot! Still waiting on my Cd!! Lol”

Renisha Cooper-Omaha, NE

“Anonymus music is the real thing!!!”

Dutches McCoy-Albuquerque, NM

“This is what the music industry is missing. Music that has a meaning, a purpose, lyrics that people can relate to! Music to me is NOT just hip hop, a beat and 16 bars. It also has to have a message, and that what his music is.”

Chandra Ransom-Antioch, TN

“His music is has meaning and the beats make you move! His songs are really deep! I think he's hot!”

Crystal Marcus-Albuquerque, NM

“This is some funky hip hop music. I love his style, his passion, U can listen to his cd's from start to finsih without skipping any songs!”

Melissa Carter-Los Angeles, CA

“You can tell that he is very passionate about his music!”

Emmet Gatson-Miami, FL

“His music is super cool! Always somethin to vibe to with him!”

LaTisha Christian-Omaha, NE

“His music is da shiznit! U got your upbeat jamz, and then you got those ooooowwweeee that's my jam! He is one of a kind!”

Tina Sweet-Tulsa, OK

“Anonymus is crazy as hell! You gotta love his music!”

Calandra Ransom-Antioch, TN

“Energetic, witty, block movement theme music right here!”

Rob Jefferson-Omaha, NE

“The songs I like are the stories! They have meaning, real life, you can relate to them! I can relate to all his situations about family and dreaming big!”

Jose Reyes-El Paso, TX

“New, Very Moderate!!”

Genaral Norrad-Nashville, TN/Denver, CO

“Better than sum of these local artist out here. Not just in Omaha, all over. Keep Grindin Anonymus!”

Courtney Galvin-Omaha, NE

“Very up to date and hype!! Its GREAT riding music!!!”

Sonya Windrow-Antioch, TN

“His style is unique! Better than any Omaha rapper and Im not sayin that cause I know him. His music is slept on & he should be signed to a major label! And uh, where is my Young King shirt mister! LOL”

Fallon Valentine-Omaha, NE

“Its rap at its finest, way easy to listen to. I know alot of people that "rap", but its terrible! No hooks, just rappin and more rappin! Good music over here!”

LeAnn Standridge-Houston, TX

“I love it! He really does have something for everybody, its not just hip hop! Its everything! Keep it up Anom!”

Juanita Greening-Thornton, CO

“Its cool! Im really proud of where you have come from. Stop talkin so much before you rap though!! LOL”

Precious Moore-Omaha, NE

“He is tryna take music back to when it was music and all made sense. He is on something new with a combo of artist (His Team) and styles that work. he can be opinionated sometimes on what other's do when he can use that anger towards them and make his songs that much more realer! I know him personally!!”

Javoni Burnett-Omaha, NE

“Really cant put his style in a box. Listen to his lyrics..crazy metaphors!! You can tell by his cocky swagger in flow, his heart is in music 100%!!”

Amara Simmons-Omaha, NE

“Universal Music. Anybody could find something to listen to with him.”

Falynn McFarland-Denver, CO

“Lyrically correct, Versitile..Must I keep goin!! lol, poetic, comical, so so real!!”

Krystallynn Garcia-Denver, CO

“This guy is really good and he should be signed! A new breed for sure!”

Frances Vasquez-Lorain, OH

“Talent sums it up, listen, U will LOVE it!! I got Cd's if ya wanna borrow!!”

Grace Tahbo-Phoenix, AZ

“Anonymus, thas my n*gga!!! LOL”

J.D. Darien-Denver, CO

“Phenomenal...Fucks With It!!!”

Dashaun (D.A.S.H.) Torry-Omaha, NE

“His style is very different, there is nothing like this out right now. Especially on the radio!”

Stacie Bell-Denver, CO

“He likes to tell stories, very unique style. I like the way he brings it!!”

Dj Lockmin-Hermitage, TN

“Anonymus is one of the most slept on artist that I have heard! You can see his passion in every song!”

Fred Wise-Franklin, Tennessee


Anonymus-Young Kingz

“One monkey will NEVER stop his show”

Slim Chance-Cookville, TN