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“Your music inspires me to push harder every day, you're truly a talented musician and one the realest people I've ever known.”

M.E. - Fan Quote

““We try to be a positive influence with kids interested in music,” said Dark Cloud band member “Third Degree” or Leanis Almanzar, 24. The group of four started out making music in basements in their freshmen year and are now playing gigs all over the East coast. “It kept us involved and out of trouble,” added “Suits” or Wil Alexis, 23. “We didn’t have anything as constructive as Teen empowerment to help us but now that there is, we want to give back to the kids in some way.” Band members said they will always be available from Somerville and were only too happy to volunteer their services when McLaughlin contacted them. “It’s important to be what you are. Don’t be shy to shoot for the stars,” advised “Lex” or Steven Alexis, 23. “Our dream is now in our grasp and we’re doing a lot of shows.””