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"Working with Brittany has been an amazing experience. She has played different roles with a lot of bands as a behind-the -scenes player that actually contributed to great deal to the overall sound of the band. She has played bass, guitar and drums with groups like Syrenn, Myparasites, Man and Machines, Generation Empty, 62 Degerees lattitude, 912, Viktim, Creepshow, Shown' Tell. One of the initial problems with this project was figuring out how we could do the studio stuff live. We pretty much abandoned the idea of staying true to a typical rock-band performance, simply because we didn’t want to worry about what we could reproduce live as a duo. Brittany is an awesome guitar player AND she has crazy skills with double bass drum AND her vocals are awesome, which when you think about it, is a great problem to have. Obviously when playing live, she isn’t going to be able to play drums and guitar and sing at the same time, so we eventually took the approach of capturing great performa

PM Toner - Toner Records

“whether on guitar, vocals or drums, and editing those to fit into the format of good songs. With Brittany’s abilities as a lyricist, vocalist, drummer and guitar player, one of the biggest challenges was balancing her musicianship, vocal ability and poetic talents with creating compelling material that constantly engages the audience. As a producer, I feel my main allegiance is creating something compelling and vital for the listener. I think Brittany was initially skeptical of my instincts to focus more on the final outcome more than on the performance, but the resulting musical compositions we both agree strike a good balance between highlighting her abilities and taking the listener on a musical journey that the lyrics suggest.”

PM toner - Toner Records