MohaviSoul / Press

“MohaviSoul is Branching Out”

““the right combination of musicianship, heartfelt lyrics and impeccable melodies””

“It’s always refreshing to hear a new take on a traditional form (especially when its done with such aplomb) and if you’re a fan of the down home Appalachian vibe then I say that you’re in for a face full of good eatin’ with the debut recording of San Diego’s own MohaviSoul. MohaviSoul are a quintet with the songwriting and lead vocal duties split 50/50 between guitarist Mark Miller and mandolinist Randy Hanson, and together they make a righteous sound. The group is rounded out with bassist Orion Boucher, Warren O on fiddle, and Jason Weiss on banjo. They all harmonize and all that’s missing is a little pedal steel and they could be a ringer for Hank Williams’ Drifting Cowboys at times. There’s no percussionist in the group (save for the rhythmic plunk of Boucher’s upright), which makes it sound all the more appropriate on Every Second’s lone cover tune, a jaunty interpretation of the French café jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli’s “Minor Swing.”

“MohaviSoul CD-Every Second MohaviSoul's first recording exhibits some good ol' pickin' and pluckin', carried out by an ensemble of clearly talented folk and bluegrass musicians. There's also some thoughtful songwriting and catchy choruses. Without sounding old or irrelevant, the mandolin-violin-banjo-fiddle combo gives off an air of authenticity. Best part? It's not fucking Mumford & Sons! —Jesse Ross”