Tragedy (Mind of Tragedy) / Press

“Talk about entering the mind of another person... This is Great Music with meaning and you can feel what he speaks!!”

Raechel Desmonds - Real Music Lover

“Looking for Music that has Meaning, and is great driving Music... This is Your Artist!”

James Laughton - The Big Timer Mag.

“man ur so lyrical its crazy all ur sounds r sick love it man keep pumping these banger out bangers!!”

“Congrats on Getting Hard Targets Personal Vote For the Collab you and Hard Target are the shit 2gether don't let the votes get you down dude, you have a great fresh sound and you damn sure can spit!!”

“Hard Target - Forever (Song Response) Sounded Better With only you on the hook... 2nd dude is off beat...tragedy KILLS it...shoulda got lisa gallo on da hook.. ItsSubliminal”

“Tragedy's Music what can I say? He is all over the place, Bangers, Slow, Extremely Fast, Mindful, and his music will make you think. He is Underground and Ready to Explode!! - 8/10”

Tess Parker - Kansas City Connection Music