Mina Koo (Koomina) / Press

"zeigt sie jetzt eine sehr liebliche Seite von sich und hat wieder deutlich Spaß im neuem Video." ("she shows her lovely charms and the video is clearly fun.")

"..addictive club beat.."

"MINA KOO HÖJER RIBBAN" ("Mina Koo Raises The Bar") – (Translation): "So far she is only the beginning of the journey that eventually, hopefully, should take her to the big scenes. Nevertheless, she has,literally speaking, already both traveled and come far." - "Än så länge är hon bara i början av den resa som på sikt förhoppningsvis ska ta henne till de stora scenerna. Ändå har hon bokstavligt talat redan både rest och kommit långt."

Mia Thornberg (mia.thornberg@ttela.se) - Ttela

“Top Star News – (Translation): "Pop artist Koomina's first single Suddenly is getting hot responses from China" - "팝아티스트 쿠미나(Koomina)의 첫 싱글 '써든리'(Suddenly)가 중국에서 뜨거운 반응을 받고있다."”

“AsiaToday – (Translation): "A talent like Koomina is rarely found. She interacts with the audience, with dynamic stage presence, while performing live with a band, harmonizing with choreographed moves. On the release day, her single got 50,000 hits at Melon, which is an exceptional case for a new face... In addition, she got ranked number one at Melon, as well as Daum search engine without any TV show exposure yet." - " 쿠미나는 관객과의 소통이나 다이나믹한 무대 매너, 그리고 라이브 밴드와 함께 공연하면서도 안무적인 퍼포먼스를 조화롭게 소화해 국내에서는 보기 드문 실력파 가수의 면모임을 보여주고 있다... 신인으로서는 이례적으로 발매 당일 멜론에 5만건의 조회수를 기록했다. 뿐만 아니라 멜론 실시간 1위에 오르는가 하면 중파 출연 한번 없던 상태에서 포털 사이트 검색어 1위에 올랐다."”

"Koomina getting popular in China" – (Translation): "Pop artist Koomina's first single Suddenly, through the main 4 online channels in China, is getting explosive reactions from fans in China" - "여성 팝 아티스트 쿠미나의 첫 싱글 '써든리'가 중국 4대 동영상사이트에서 중국팬의 폭발적인 반응을 얻고 있습니다."

"Koomina.. Heats Up Buil Film Awards Celebration Stage" (Translation): "At the 23rd Buil Film Awards, held at Busan Haeundae Grand Hotel, her sexy dancing and high energy live performance heated up the vibes of the celebration." - "부산 해운대 그랜드호텔에서 열린 제 23회 부산 '부일영화상'.. 그녀의 섹시댄스와 흥겨운 라이브로 축하무대의 분위기는 한껏 고조됐다."

“... her music is Pop (Dance, Rock, Electro, Funk-hiphop), in the vein of Lady Gaga and Shakira, rooted in Michael Jackson. ... the album is very cool and corresponds to this description. I can also spot a bit of that K-pop sound that has a massive following around the world. My favourite tracks are More Than A Crush (perfect dance/pop song with that electro vibe... just love it), Set Me On Fire and Bad Boy, being the latter the one that reminds me more of the K-Pop sound. If you love dance/pop music I am sure you will enjoy this album! :) Thumbs up! ”

"Mina (mina koo) has a knack for confectionary pop electronica, digi-tunes .. whose vibe is buoyant and bright. "Suddenly" has a heavy dance-throb, deftly arranged vocal effects and plenty of solid songcraft. "More Than a Crush" has a smooth cheerleader vibe to it, with a very crafty bridge. .. her vocal tone is right for her genre.."

Music Connection Magazine (Vol 36, No 09, p49)

“We were pleased as punch to check out this punchy upbeat collection of modern upbeat dance tracks from Mina Koo. ... These tracks sound something like Madonna's 1990s albums .. (Mina's cool Asian voice adds cool exotic flavors to the mix). Eight provocative dance-inducing cuts here including "Suddenly," "Beautiful Thing," "Jini," and "Troubadours [Dance Floors]." Good catchy upbeat stuff ..”

"Asian Madonna!"

Allan Rich (multi-hitsongwriter - Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole, James Ingram)

“Mina Koo performs at Make Music New York Saturday, June 16 7:00p to 7:30p, at "The Pit" at Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA --Performer and Los Angeles based dance/pop, singer/songwriter Mina Koo to the roster for the 5th Annual Make Music Harvard Square / Fête de la Musique. The Korea native recently released her very first physical and digital U.S. album Mina on iTunes, debuting her hot lead single, “More Than A Crush”. Mina is set to pump up the crowd with dance tracks from her EP.”

“Sexy performer and Los Angeles based dance/pop, singer/songwriter Mina Koo was recently added to the roster performing as part of the 6th annual Make Music New York in Brooklyn’s Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood at 1403 Fulton S., NY 11216 on June 21st at 3:30 p.m...”

“(Translation): "Mina (Mina Koo) is a rising pop artist active in Hollywood ... "Jini" one of her songs in her dance pop debut album sings of Hwang Jini from Chosun Dynasty days. Mina says she thought if Hwang Jini were born in 21st Century she would have been a world pop star." Another song "Troubadours" has a motif in Arirang, and sings of a traveler's life..”

“(Translation): "Mina (mina koo) is a singer-songwriter with Korean origin, who has been growing as a pop artist in Los Angeles. .. Her album has some Korean ideas re-created in the current dance pop style.. ”

"You are unique... my super hero composinger and guitarplayer... supertalented¡¡ Was a honor to share with you the stage Mina is a treasure for all the audience, ... she is an incredible rock star.."

Pablo Goldstein (Tango/World, Argentine multi-instrumentalist) @ the Viper

"Solid melody, great movement, good dynamics in the song." "Great energy. The attitude is saucy and fun. Props for interacting with the audience + going into the crowd."

Juries at Showcase, Artist Development, MI

“I am constantly impressed with Mina’s music. Mina has a knack for intelligently weaving together sophisticated electronic textures filled with catchy pop sensibilities, all with a unique spin that creates a sound all her own.”

Kevin Comstock, Director- Keyboard Technology Program at Musicians Institute.

"I was .. energized by Mina Koo’s quirky and catchy hook…OMG its still playing in my head!"

Elaine Lindsay @ Trool

“Get ready to 'shake your bellies'. .. The eight-track EP is basically summed up as fun on the dance floor, while Mina herself recalls such unique voiced pop artists like Shakira and Bjork. Her appeal is really centered around her stage presence -- writhing and strutting about with a palpable natural sex appeal a la The Donnas. While Mina is clearly a dance record through and through, Koo herself is quite versatile -- performing many of the songs acoustically with guitar. With the right production, Mina could be one to watch for the underground dance set... ”

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Mina Koo perform in the KBH Showcase on Feb. 2. Her band added a fresh dose of energy to the evening. Along with some great songs, Mina's command of the stage and subtle sexiness made for quite a set!"

~ Brent Harvey, KBH Entertainment, Hollywood Music in Media Awards ~

"You have a special charismatic quality as a vocalist and the camera loves you."

Gary Beer, Founding CEO of the Sundance Film Festival and StarCast CEO

"The set was really well done and .. each and everyone of you was REALLY on... I REALLY liked what you did.. and find it very musical. Tasteful. Tasty."

Gary Gamponia (The Silverlake Musicians Co-Op & The Pay It Forward Band)

“Mina truly has captured an amazing sound that mixes several genres into dynamic tunes. Fans of great music can recognize sounds of Pop, Dance, Rock, Electro, Funk, and Hip-Hip-Hop that flow throughout Mina’s music. She also possesses similar styles to such superstar performers as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Shakira. Mina is one of those great talents who this publication believes was born to be a performer.”

“[Helps fight breast cancer] "international pop artist Mina Koo ... wanted to do her part to make a difference."”

"Mina, who burst on the California scene,.. is a dynamic and versatile performer, a musician, dancer, and singer-songwriter with a pop flair.." [Endorsed at Telefunken Mic]