Michael Lee / Press

“Lee's talents as singer, instrumentalist and producer are all first‑rate, and his six‑track EP is an extremely slick offering”

“Blown Away is a particularly Brit Brand of melodic rock with added dynamic and flair that would strongly suggest some degree of crossover appeal”

“Not only has he combined the UK’s greats with the sound of an American generation but he decorates the style with shades of artists from then to now such as Nickleback, Foo Fighters and even brief flares of the great J Bonamassa. And with all this going on you can still feel the true pull of the 80′s Power/Prog/Rock.”

“on initial listen to the first track “I won’t back down” and especially “take it or leave it” you know that you’re listening to someone who knows his stuff, being a very polished and beautifully crafted EP.”

“Even from the first listening it is a very genuine and heartfelt collection of human experiences which would resonate with any audience”

“Blown Away is always a brave statement, thing with it is that you expect great things, almost an arrogance about it, shouting experience from the rooftops, being an EP, brave indeed……so I listened and I have to say that the recording and production are fantastic”

“Is it funk? Is it progressive rock? Or is it a catchy pop rock track? Who knows - but it's Michael Lee with his latest track New State of Mind! I could list everything great about this song, but it still wouldn't do it justice. The hook is incredibly catchy and the guitar solo is something else. All in all, this is a great song written by a talented songwriter who I genuinely believe has a lot of potential.”

Marcus Taylor - Musiciansguide.co.uk

“Face Forward moves seamlessly between prog-rock, folk and AOR, and manages to make the difficult bits of all of them sound effortless.”

“It is not often you hear an artist take different approaches to his writing, but Face Forward proves that he has the talent.”

Matheson Kamin - Reviewyou.com

“An artist that plays virtually every instrument on their record demonstrates more than just versatility and talent, but also an inexorable passion for crafting something perfect and singularly beautiful.”

Michael Morgan - Reviewyou.com

“Michael Lee is an extraordinary artist with the skills, talent, and power to make his music a basic tool of survival not only to himself, but to anyone who is fortunate enough to be graced by the beauty, honesty, and creativity that his music brings forth.”

Rhonda Readence - Reviewyou.com

“It doesn't take long to hear that Lee's talent is quite rare and extraordinary. From one listen, you will be able to tell Lee has his own sound, and a wonderful debut with Face Forward.”

Scott Homewood - Reviewyou.com

“Michael Lee is original. He stands apart. He sounds like what an indie artist is supposed to sound like. He sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.”

Zack Daggy - Reviewyou.com

“This unassuming Longwick guy spins tales in instrumental packages so intriguing you can’t help but drop what you’re doing and give him your full attention.”

“Trying to find the highlights on this CD is difficult – but only because there are so many of them. There is no filler – every song is excellent!”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the 'muso' elements (time signatures and solo's!) on the album, shades of Genesis on Face Forward. The interesting fusing of styles are all accomplished well.”

“Michael Lee plays 11 different instruments, arranges string parts, sings like a bird, engineers, produces, and writes ludicrously accomplished songs in odd time signatures, and he looks like he must be all of 20 years old. It's simply not fair.”

“Michael is an impressively powerful guitarist, no slouch on the keyboards and a solid, imaginative bassist who leaves you wondering if there’s anything he can’t play. He also sings rather well too…”