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“Skinny Wizard 31 mins · As a testament to Micheal's skill he plays all the guitars ,bass and keyboards and did all of the drum programming on this and his second album (currently in the works). Skinny Wizard: Micheal Tiffany THEREALSKINNYWIZARD.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY SKINNY WIZARD”

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“Heard Michael's new tracks and I am amazed at where he has taken his music. With the addition of Kevin Farkas on vocals it is an amazing leap forward the guitar work still drives and the new vocalist is intense and right on point. I urge you to have a listen to the new tracks you will not be disappointed.”

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“AVA LIVE Radio via Michael Tiffany 30 mins · "New album Out Of The Dark is out and available for purchases @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/michaeltiffany1 hope you will check it out." - Michael Tiffany Show Attachment”

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“Huge thanks to Daniel Gillette and everyone at Bacon and Music for all their kind words in this article it is very appreciated. To be put in the same sentence as Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani is an unbelievable honor I am truly humbled. Michael Tiffany Die Hard Classics | Cool Music Artist of the Day Michael Tiffany Classics die hard, if they ever even die at all. There is music that has left its stamp in the musical history books and equally so leaves its stamp in its fans. Whether that is a genre, musician or band, each time we hear that... baconandmusic.com”

“Wind At My Back is the new single from Michael Tiffany the founding member of The Andromeda Project. The single breathes new life with melodic and catchy guitar lines and rock driven attitude. Wind At My Back is the first single release from Michael's upcoming solo album Out Of The Dark and is currently being played on several radio station's in the UK and the U.S. To hear more of Michael Tiffany's music you can choose any of his web sites. http://www.mixcloud.com/michaeltiffany http://mat5211.wix.com/michaeltiffany www.reverbnation.com/michaeltiffany1 http://soundcloud.com/michael-tiffany-guitarist-1”

“Heard this guys music on Rockbandom Radio U.K. His guitar working is amazing and his song construction is spot on . It really made me sit up and take notice which I feel other radio station's and the listeners should do the same. Michael Tiffany has a great future ahead of him.”