Michael Bowie - Sine Qua Non / Press

“CD REVIEW MIDWEST RECORD Volume 38/Number 78 January 18, 2014 CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher Copyright 2014 Midwest Record TRANSOUL SINE QUA NON/Simple Pleasures: Maybe it’s the steel drum being an integral part of the sound but a lot of this sounds like crime jazz as envisioned by Andy Narell. Anything wrong with being compared to Narell? Not likely. The rest of the crew holds up their end as well. With an obvious island vibe washing over the proceedings, this jazzbo outing has that something delightfully different going for it that really grabs you hard. Very much an auspicious debut, if you’d like some of the helium let out of the lite jazz balloon, this is the next stop on your tour of new releases. Fun, timely stuff that sonically damns the Polar Vortex to hell in fine style. Check it out.”


“BEST SMALL ENSEMBLE: Sine Qua Non A jazz ensemble with a fusion trajectory and a classical basis, three of the five members of Sine Qua Non are already listed above. Provost, Link, and Bowie provide incredible interplay in a band whose performance focus is on dynamics; add in the unerringly graceful work of drummer Mark Prince…see more”

“Album review | Siné Qua Non’s Simple Pleasures: A vast collection of influences, effortlessly distilled”