Merkin / Press

“Recently relocated to L.A, the theatrical trio has not let up, releasing some of their most polished work yet. As always, dramatic singong and emotive narratives play counterpoint to savage countermelodies and relentless drumming. "Victory Song" is one of my personal favorites by the band, somewhere between a lullaby stoner jam and head-banging freak-out. I cannot stress enough the underyling epic-ness of the songs. Like tales from a darkly psychotic Broadway producion, the three songs on this EP peel back the edges of scabs in our culture and minds. More than just writing rock songs, Merkin is making auditory art.”

“Though the band name refers to a type of pubic wig, Merkin has nothing to hide. The group is a compelling alternative rock trio that came together about four years ago.”

“Singer DeLucchi’s cynical voice is at times reminiscent of Brian Eno and David Byrne. Merkin’s first recordings are risky and at times dark, but still accessible.”

"What the fuck was that? it works!"

The Reverend Rory Dowd - Worst Little Podcast

"They fucking rock my asshole!"

“Merkin plays intelligent, blue collar distortion for the misfit, citizen strange. Their post millennial grunge core is an infectious swirl of rhythmic garage, and raw, dirty Reno Hard Rock.”