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Mental Monky Ballet / Press

“I listened to the EP. The title track “Into The Open” starts with a deceptively calm synth with the voice of an angel singing over it. Two lines of lyrics, almost whispered. Out of nowhere I am punched in the face by a galloping guitar and bass driven powerhouse sound that demands to be turned up loud. This song is crafted very well, and my favorite section is the slide guitar in the middle…didn’t see that coming. I strongly urge you to view the Youtube video of this track. The last song on the EP is called “Get Around This.” This is just plain good songwriting. The chord progression is dreamy and the mixing is very good, very clear and clean. Every one of the seven tracks is extremely well performed and the production is heavenly. I notice a very strong balance that presents itself in the vocals. My favorites: “Different” and “Get Around This.” I would like to find the lyrics so I can be sure of what I’m hearing. I highly recommend you check these guys out.”

"Mental Monky Ballet are a six piece Scandinavian that combines all the things I like of Nordic rock, grunge, Garbage-esque power pop rock and a little bit of mystic folk sprinkled on top. The band themselves have members that stretch over several decades and this shows in the way how their songs seem to borrow pieces of different time periods of rock. Into the Open is their first music video and we expect their first EP to be pretty awesome!"

"Into The Open‘ is a trip, pure and simple! It’s hard, very hard to pin-point Sweden based Mental Monkey Ballet. And know what? I’m loving them for it! Tribal-ish drums, rocking guitars, dreamy piano, angelic vocals of lead songstress Vivi … It’s as beautiful as it is weird… And I mean it in a good way! Coming off their recently dropped EP ‘Breaking The Law‘, I’m predicting Sweden won’t be able to keep Mental Monkey Ballet to themselves for long. Can’t wait till they visit Holland! The only thing I wanna know, shall I bring my cowbell?!…"

“he group will be releasing the EP Breaking the Law later this month. One of the interesting songs off the EP for me is “Club 27″ a song the band says is “a celebration to Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and other musical personalities forming the mythical 27 Club, strongly associated with the hard and destructive “rock’n roll” the song “You’re More Trouble Than Your Worth” is another good song off the EP, in fact of the seven songs on the EP, I really didn’t hear a bad song. Read more in the link.....”

“Swedish alt-rock group, Mental Monky Ballet, bridges the vocal and instrumental gap between Blondie and Garbage--and they do it with success all around. "Into The Open" is a swishy, rock-infused medley with reverberating guitars and vibrant female vocals. "Club 27" is a lush, alt-dance tune with classic vocals and a power pop presence that contains a little edge and a setup akin to something by The Killers. "Get Around This" begins with a spacious, atmospheric and progressive intro with delicate vocals and gingerly-played guitars, until the chorus brings in other vocals and a more textured pop sound. "You're More Trouble Than You're Worth" opens with an alternative and progressive rock arrangement that harbors Garbage and Blondie tendencies, but everything comes out okay. The new seven-track EP, Breaking The Law, is a sure hit for fans of the abovementioned musicians and Swedish alt-pop music with English vocals”

"MMB is one of ten chosen bands out of 3000 to be featured in the blog. MMB was actually the reason I decided not to have only Finnish bands in this feature list. Just the fact that they are two guys and four chicks is "f**ng mental". I hope the band will come and play in Finland when they release their EP."

“Breaking The Law launches on the esoteric sound of “Into The Open”, with lead vocalist Vivi Lundstrom sounding like a wayward cross between Dolores O’Riordan and Chrissie Hynde. Full of energy and a pending sense of chaos, “Into The Open” is an announcement, a dropping of the musical gauntlet, if you will that announces Mental Monkey Ballet to the world. “You’re More Trouble Than You’re Worth” is a classic kiss-off song with a killer back-beat. Mental Monkey Ballet are thoroughly in their element here, and Vivi Lundstrom shines. There are some very bright moments here, and it’s clear to see that the band has the potential to be a major player on the international music scene."”

"I love Club 27! The message is truly important, and it’s such a powerful song with that genius hook line in the chorus... In 'Different', I can relate to the lyrics to the extent of breaking into tears."

Jens Lundberg - Blue Lemon Management

“ARTICLE IN SWEDEN*S MOST RENOWNED WEB BASED MUSIC MAGAZINE "MUSIKINDUSTRIN". American company Applehead Films and Records has signed a contract with the Swedish Rock/Alternative group Mental Monky Ballet. An EP and single is up for release in early 2014. "I have followed Jan Fretmans work over a decade now and I really like his sound," says company owner Peter Donald in a statement. Mental Monky Ballet - with singer / producer / songwriter Vivi Lundström and producer / songwriter January Fretman in lead roles is currently completing recordings in BrightLight Studios in Stockholm. The contract with the Mental Monky Ballet is the first step in a revival of the Woodstock-based record label after a period when focus was on the company's film production. Journalist Donald has run the company since 2004.”

"Mental Monky Ballet is the new band behind front figure and songwriter ViVi. Together they released the single Club 27 on the BrightLight Music label, in collaboration with Border/Free Side Records. Club 27 is the first single release from Mental Monky Ballet's new upcoming EP/album. It has a new, rawer sound than her previous records. Club 27 is a heavy, trashy, yet vibrant and beautiful pop/rock song at a high pace. ViVi wrote the lyrics of Club 27 with sadness after Amy Winehouse's death almost two years ago. It's a tribute to Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and many others who are part of the fabled 27 Club, those who died at 27 years of age.The group is associated with the hard life in "the rock and roll lifestyle". Vivi linked to young people's vulnerability and need of confirmation in a harsh and selfish adult world, which ultimately sometimes can lead to a self-destructive behavior."

"Superb work, strong, dynamic, gorgeous textures, rather moving."

Mark Raven - Fan / Musician