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“PopCrush Presents: Memoryy Goes ‘Running’ Back to the ’80s (Song Premiere)”

“Got sent the new single from Memoryy, and it is fire!”

“A beautiful synth pop vibe with just the right fitting of atmospheric elements”

“There is no stopping Memorry. The man just keeps dropping remix after remix and they are all on point.”

“Memoryy is one of my favorite producers that I came across so far in 2016. Mastering both the art of the remix, as well as producing stellar original synth pop tracks, the artist has been creating quite the name for himself in the alternative music scene.”

“Memoryy is an artist who has consistently impressed with his stunning synth pop style. Although always paying homage to the 80’s this is an artist who’s not afraid to explore a sound of his own.”

“Turning The Page leads with building synths and raspy vocals; elements that eventually grow into an explosion of pure emotion as the artist ascends to the highest reaches of his vocal range.”

“Memoryy have been on our list of remix kings for quite some time with his ability to warp a song to new heights every time. This time, he's taking TROY's moving "Song Man" and turning it into a fresh new hit.”

“Fresh off an expert remix of Paperwhite’s “Unstoppable” and the debut of his theme for Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix show, Albuquerque-based producer Memoryy has unleashed the excellent “Out of the Dark.” This collaboration with Brothertiger has its share of darkness, to be sure, but it’s also an easy-breezy, disco-pop cut that in some respects sounds like a Technique outtake.”

"Memoryy continues to impress with his musical prowess and Out Of The Dark is no exception. He just wrote the new theme song for Chelsea Handler's show, so if she is on the Memoryy tip, maybe you should be too."

"Bringing alive the summer, the track is stunning from start to finish, and it’s proof that the balance of pop and dance can be creative, interesting, and still worth radio airplay."

“Brooklyn’s Memoryy recently dropped his new single “All My Love.” The track builds from sexy, finger-snapped slow jam to a dancefloor-ready synth pop chorus. It’s mixture of retro 80s sound with modern alt-R&B is infectious.”

“After having released his tropical-sounding and joyfully upbeat single, "Feeling Sinister" this past August, Brooklyn-based synth-pop maestro Shaun Hettinger, aka Memoryy makes a welcome return with his infectious new electro-pop gem called "All My Love", which he produced himself with the help of Yeasayer collaborator Abe Seiferth.”

“'Feeling Sinister' is the latest from Memoryy, and just one listen to the 80’s dipped synth work, subdued horn section and fleeting hooks had us falling all over again. Memoryy effortlessly rolls on midtempo pop structures injected with a contemporary blast of tasteful shoegaze and dream-pop; which has us dialing up comparisons to artists as current as Tanlines & Twin Shadow to as far back as New Order and even Peter Gabriel’s art-housiest expressions.”

“Shaun Hettinger has been making moves in the music scene for years now. Currently making transformational sounds in experimental indie / electronic music, I have a lot of respect for this dude due to the visceral nature of his productions – working in film and TV doing compositions for a living, but using Memoryy as his own personal intuitive musical outlet. Living the dream, one would say! Today, I’m super happy to be privileged enough to bring you guys a first look at his most recent release – Young Oblivion. The tune feature lavish vocal harmonies and instrumentation of varying sorts – all of which blend into a cinematic pop thriller of a tune, sending the listener on many nostalgic but yet futuristic trip through their own mind.”

“New in my inbox this morning was an interesting piece by young NYC native Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy – multi instrumentalist and pop aficionado with another epic indie/ectronic hybrid of a jam for fans of Promise Ring, Teen Daze, etc. I’ve got a lot of love for this rising artist. I’m actually surprised that this young man hasn’t been signed to Arbutus Records or anything. Maybe he should just move to Montreal and get it over with. Let this jam uplift your soul as we move toward a bright and sunny springtime festival season!”

“For a sun drenched, beachy, yet nearly psychedelic Passion Pit evoking treat, listen to Brooklyn act Memoryy’s new single Eternal Sunshine. The synthpop song alternates between dizzying layering and muggy, smooth moments. If Passion Pit went tropical disco and hit up Hot Chip in the 80s, they just might drop a sultry, dreamy dance pop tune like Eternal Sunshine.”

“We all need a little sparkly synth pop in our lives at some point, and Memoryy is dishing it out in spades with “Eternal Sunshine.” Bubbly harmonies, truncated chord stabs, and wonky synths trickle throughout the buoyant tune with an indie mindset in the vein of Passion Pit. Memoryy’s polished sound is easy on the ears, calling on all types of influence from alternative and indie circles, and even sprinkling a tiny bit of subtle tropical elements into the mix as well.”

“Bouncy synth-pop is the calling card of Memoryy, whose latest track “Eternal Sunshine” is a perfect example of his pop leaning young genius.”

“This time ’round, it’s New York based Memoryy with the uplifting pop hook that caught us off guard. Pop infused synth-lines overtop a rhythmic blend of nu-disco and chill-wave beat set this one apart as we fell instantly in love.”

“For fans of Toro Y Moi and other cult classic synth heroes, his unforgettable melodies will hit you in the sweet spot just in time for the turn of the season into Summer.”

“If the giddiness of MGMT could have been tempered by the darkling sheen of The Naked and Famous, we’d have had this jubilant track earlier than we do.”

Independent Clauses

"Memoryy’s Feels Like The First Time gives you basically everything you want from a synth-pop song. The sound is bright, the chorus is syrupy sweet and the groove begs you to dance."


“It's unabashedly pop and I can totally imagine Napoleon Dynamite throwing some sweet, sweet moves to this little number, which is a very good thing.”

“Drenched in nostalgic, dramatic 80’s atmosphere and a foggy dreaminess, Feels Like The First Time is incredibly catchy and addictive.”

“Hettinger’s contemporary spin on ‘80s synth-pop melodies are complemented by breathy vocals and a bouncy, sticky hook.”

“Knock-outs for their accomplished pop construction”

“Addictive retro synth masterpieces”

"One of the 25 best songs of 2012"

“An addictive brew of electronic pop.”


"MP3 of the day!"

“Sweet electropop”

TimeOut NY

“Hooky, textural synth-pop”

“Sparkling, gossamer sound”

“Retro synth-pop bounce”

"Song of the day"

Jordy Kasko - http://www.the-tune.net

"Catchy hooks"

" Mixing synth-laden electropop, with a dash of afro-beat, a drop of disco funk, and an affinity for the early-80's, Memoryy has a sound that is easy on the ears, danceable, and perfect to get down to."

“One minute you’ll hear African drumbeats, then there’s a saxophone solo and suddenly it sounds like a spaceship is landing on Earth. With so many elements being thrown into each song, Memoryy efficiently made them come together in a collective and systematic way.”

"Memoryy ditches the tongue-in-cheek synth-pop for the sharp indie futurism found on their brand new Electric City EP. This is an album based in 1983 but written for 2013 – Equal parts Afro-pop, disco funk, electronic and ambient, the five tracks here create a sprawling musical journey for fans of Empire of the Sun, Twin Shadow, Passion Pit, Cut Copy & Phoenix."

“Fun-loving Williamsburg-based synth-disco”


“We dig any band that can trace its' pedigree to a Wham! obsession, a move to Brooklyn, and a keytar tattoo. That's commitment, damnit!”

"Memoryy's unique style of mixing retro and tropical atmosphere with his sometimes dark lyrics have earned praises from Spinner.com, URB Magazine and Timeout New York."

"A lush exploration of warm tones and ’80s vocal tricks"

"New York City-based electro-pop group Memoryy, true to their name, have done a remarkable job in peddling our own nostalgia back to us. It would be easy to say that they’ve simply jumped on the 80′s synth-pop bandwagon but there is a sense of directness and of wanting to reach out beyond simple homage that keeps them from being easily lumped in with the technicolor masses."

“What do you do after your LA synth-rock band of 8 years breaks up? If you’re Shaun Hettinger you start an 80’s-loving synth-happy project with your cat Nico, move to Brooklyn, play at SXSW & prepare to release your album.”

“Deliciously Sinister”

“Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t a joke. Unless you consider blissing out to crisp dance-pop gems while colored strobe lights freeze your shapes a joke.”