Melody Pulsipher / Press

“Imagine the softness of Sarah McLachlan’s voice set to the bitter, angst-ridden lyrics of Alanis Morissette.. Melody creates pop-sounding songs that would make a great break-up album. The songs are mellow and reflective and feel like Melody’s right there to cry and feel like crap with you.”

Amanda Stofko - FlipSide Magazine

“....reminiscent of Jewel. ”

“With a soft soothing voice, Melody has a talent for pleasing the ears and the spirit...with the lyrics of a goth rocker, the voice of a country singer, and the heart of a pop artist, Melody defines a new Genre.”

- Acoustic All-Stars

"With a voice this strong, her songs will catch like wildfire across the acoustic scene"

-T&M Entertainment

"Melody is fresh voice to the scene and one of only a handful of female musicians regularly performing"

-Flip Side Magazine (Park City)