Marc See / Press

“OMG my brother! #TheGreatGrind goes Hard! #Work”

“Rag Top and Mpc was the Shit....straight up outkast style...love! Need to manage an artist like that!”

“@TheRealMarcSee we would like to have you as #artist of the week @tweewoo. Please reach out to us on our site!”

“Love your style!! Bless up ❤❤❤”

“Its intelligent, well thought out... its organic hip hop! Great vibes!”

“Love this joint bro..I have it on replay. This song needs to be all over radio.”

“The song has a melodic line a bit melancholy, I like that. The voices sound good, the female is well coordinated and toned male voice also has the same characteristics, and when coupled with the instruments, which are being well interpreted, they make the track is really pleasant to hear. I would like to have a cd of them, no doubt.”

Anonymous - SoundOut Music Critic Review

“Nice beat with a perfect melody, this song is perfect rnb, with a great chorus with a height power to it, which are my general interest, I like the serenading vocal,, and a perfect timing for itch rap entry, with the nice voice”

Anonymous - SoundOut Music Critic Review

“yo plz drop mo hits like rag top cuz its awesooooome luv it”

"Lux" rmeggy@yahoo.com - a song comment sent to my to my email

"The melodic sounds of trumpets hit me first. I, a true lover of instruments, can connect to this instantly and with every little effort. The drums are crisp and the bass has me in those first few seconds. There is an eerie quality to the voices here that is almost Auto-Tune but not anywhere near it. despite that you can clearly feel a vibe, an emotion, a pure feeling in what is being presented. The guitars are wailing as if a voice all their own, adding their sound to the brilliance of the track. All things considered, I love this. It could be a good song for major airplay is sold and marketed to the right market.

“Marc See really has a gift from god, this man has mad skills and is really talented.Please check him out.”

“great production on this track! keep up the great work!”

“this is a very powerful track. thanks for posting!!”

“Check out this Month’s Producer Watch Marc See (@TheRealMarcSee)”

“that's real talent right there. Pat yourself on the back you did a great job!”

“@TheRealMarcSee I want 'Off Da Chain" smashing track! Great work!”

“hey love I have had Harsh Reality on rotation mad hard keep doing ya thing”

“@therealmarcsee yall rocked out tonight!”

“#RAGTOP got #ThumbsUp @therealmarcsee ”

“we should of hooked up a long time ago, i am really hard to impress and damn it your shit is good bra, not halfway good but real good, its not a if a and or a but we need to hook up, sorry to post in you comment box like this but i had to contact you as soon as i really heard your music and i really fucks with it, get at me soon, and WE BOTH IN DECATUR.........................”

“@TheRealMarcSee preciate u cuzzo! Imma be at u bout sum beats in the next couple of weeks!”

“@scashhomey @MarcSeeBGOV = real hip-hop. Check him out, your ears will thank you. #musictoyourears”

"I'll be your Peter Parker you can be my Mary Jane, I'll be your Clark Kent you can be my Lois Lane" DOPE. I'm feelin that Supahero homie. Who on the production?

“Hate I been sleepin on this, you dropped SUPER wordplay on that Supahero. I'll share that joint no doubt.”

“Lovin the flow, the beats, it's hott keep it up!”

“You make an excellent music and you must be proud I really do like your tunes Rag Top is amazing”

“Yessssss!!!... My computer's been sick, just now got check u out. I'm LOVING "The Rose" and "A harsh reality"... Was listening to Repetition the other day and just about cried! I love the rose.. and a part of me.. and repetition.. and antitdote... and Marc See. You inspire me :)”

"just downloaded "Rag Top" good sh** keep it coming. you had me noddin' my head with my headphones on!"

"Music is timeless.... Every song is a classic"

"dis niggah marc see is dope azz hell DANG wtf!! where he been hiddin'?? we need dis on tha radio today!"