Mandy Lion / Press

“Gorilla Shots Exclusive Interview with Mandy Lion WWIII, produced by Karpis Maksudian, hosted by Alicia Gentile”

“The current witch hunt against pitbulls and other related breeds is born from ignorance and hatred without reason. Mandy Lion is an authority on the so called fighting breeds and here he tries to shed some light on some very important issues regarding these misunderstood breeds. To get more info on Mandy Lion, his music and opinions on dogs you can go to one of three websites... To go to Mandy Lion's myspace music profile go to myspace.com/wwiiimandylion To go to Mandy Lion's official website go to mandyliononline.com To go to Mandy Lion's myspace personal profile go to myspace.com/mandylionwwiii”

“Mandy Lion interview for TheBeat at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha Nebraska.”

“Mandy Lion talks WWIII, Helping our Veterans, His new line up, and Mandy Lion in this on the street interview recorded at the Rainbow's 40th Anniversary Party. Audio is rough due to mis-communication with the Rainbow and us not being able to use proper recording gear. "Rise" used with permission by the artist. Photos and Video clips by Rockwell Anderson Media, taken from the Rainbow's 40th Bash.”

“It's hard for me to call Mandy Lion a Musical Legend, only because I usually reserve that moniker for bands or musicians ages 55 and older. Mandy Lion is my age, and I am not qualified for AARP, and I still have a way to go. He is a Musical Legend though based on longevity, influence on the music scene, and body of work. What makes Mandy Lion different, when it comes to longevity, is that unlike most musicians/metal bands that made it in the 1980's when they were in there mid/late twenties or thirties, Mandy Lion was an already experienced front man when he arrived on the Sunset Strip at the age of 16. Fresh onto the mid/late 80's Sunset Strip music scene, coming half way across the world from Germany, Mandy Lion brought a new style of metal to the Sunset Strip and began crushing the Hollywood scene with his new band WWIII. His line ups have changed over the years but Mandy Lion has remained true to his unique vision and style.”

“Inconveniences I think all of us sometimes wish for a life where we are not inconvenienced by anything or anyone. It seems like a dream come true, doesn't it? Imagine a life where nothing stops us from doing what we want to do, when we want to do it and in the way we want to do it. But is this really a dream? Let me give you a few examples which might make you think differently. Having Raphael in my life is a huge "inconvenience" if you are looking at it from the outside. He is difficult to travel with. He eats a lot of expensive food, which has to be cooked all the time. He is only friendly with me so he is hard to handle whenever other people are around. He has destroyed his share of expensive items and I am sure he will find opportunity to break some more stuff in the future. He demands time and effort which could be spent on my career or going out with friends and don't even get me started on what happens when you combine walking, a big dog and plastic bags.”