“I personally like the dark electro-haunting style of “Dark Energy” and especially the more electro-orientated “Cryostasis”.”

"Malfaktor is an experimental industrial metal band and has been called one of best up and coming electo goth industrial artists by several metal magazines."

“The beat kind of makes me think Depeche Mode-very nice! Good luck guys hope you make it!”

“Wow, Malfaktor’s music is unique and original like a vampires’ pulse rushing through one’s veins. It feeds on all the ions in the central nervous system, sending us on a higher level of consciousness; a trance-like hypnotic journey where resistance is frivolous.”

“The track “Dirty Faith” is intense and hits in the gut. “The Resistance” keeps up the pace and is another strong track...“One by One” recovers some of the album’s momentum, finding a balance between guitars and synths in the mix. “The Dethroner,” at almost nine minutes, is dark, grinding track...“Sarcophagus” features a much more danceable electronic beat, and is a good break from the down-tempo songs.”

“Usually, I ignore remix albums, but this album (Remix/Relapse) is simply great. This is not only a great remix album, but it stands very well on its own! ”

“This is a great debut album (The Delay of the Inevitable). The songwriting is varied, and the compositions are well-crafted. I expect to hear great things from Malfaktor in the coming years! ”

“…this first album (The Delay of the Inevitable) is really a work of art...it's truly a masterpiece...you can really see the struggle that they had…”

“I had of friend of mine that was explaining how to listen to Pink Floyd. It's not like regular music. You don’t just put it in the radio and listen, no. You have to close yourself in the room, preferably dark, and just concentrate on the music itself, and I believe that describes Malfaktor…”

"...Malfaktor puts their stamp down hard on the music they strive to create and deliver to those willing to venture forth into the darkness to find. So far this year Malfaktor’s “The Delay Of The Inevitable” is one of my favorites and I can’t stop spinning it..."

"Malfaktor has reminded me of bands like Psyclon Nine, more of a black metal mix of vocals and melodies. I love the transition from the whispered vocals to the screaming bridge that appears in my remix of Dethroner. Check it out on their page."

“I know all the band members of Malfaktor, Doug, Alex, and the rest personally. Love their debut album (The Delay of the Inevitable) and recommend them to everyone! Rock on guys! My fiance and I are big supporters for this band! We break for Malfaktor.”